Hemera XP Tools workshop 2013

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The Hemera experimentation tools workshop aims at bringing together developers and users of tools that facilitate experimentation on testbeds such as Grid'5000.

Practical info

Location: LORIA - Inria Nancy Grand-Est (map)


  • 12/03 14h-18h: talks
  • 13/03, 14/03, 15/03: work sessions between participants

Main contact: Lucas Nussbaum <lucas.nussbaum@loria.fr> -- 06 38 81 57 73


(At least C. Ruiz reserved there)

Hôtel La Résidence
Address 30 Bvd Jean Jaures
Nancy, 54000


  • Lucas Nussbaum (Nancy, working on XPFlow, Distem)
  • Tomasz Buchert (Nancy, PhD student, working on XPFlow, worked on Distem)
  • Maximiliano Geier (Nancy, Hemera internship on convergence of XP methodologies)
  • Emmanuel Jeanvoine (Nancy, engineer, working on Distem)
  • Cristian Ruiz (Grenoble, Hemera PhD student, working on Expo)
  • Trong-Tuan Vu (Lille, Hemera PhD student, Distem user)
  • Laurent Pouilloux (Lyon, Hemera engineer, execo contributor)
  • Sebastien Badia (Nancy, engineer, g5k-campaign contributor)
  • Luc Sarzyniec (Nancy, engineer, Kadeploy developer)
  • Emile Morel (Nancy, engineer, g5k-checks developer)


Info for presenters

  • most of the participants have been at G5K School, so talks might go through basics quite quickly
  • please plan for talks of about 30 mins

Proposed work sessions

  • T. Buchert + C. Ruiz -- survey article about XP tools
  • T. Buchert + C. Ruiz -- orchestrating large scale XP with Expo and XPFlow
  • E. Jeanvoine + T. Vu (+ L. Pouilloux) -- Distem
  • L. Pouilloux (+ T. Buchert, C. Ruiz) -- Ruby lib that abstracts the G5K REST API