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Registered users are expected to contribute to the Grid'5000 wiki. You'll find help for simple modifications in this page, whereas help for page creation and more complex modifications can be found on the editor's Help page.


As Wikipedia, this wiki is powered by MediaWiki. So, the edition syntax can be learnt on Wikipedia website:

You may use the Sandbox page to train yourself.


Discussions can occur on the discussion pages (discussion tab).

In order to sign a proposal, one may use the keyword:


which is automatically translated by mediawiki to something like:

Pneyron 11:30, 18 April 2008 (CEST)

RSS feed access

The Help:RSS presents how to use a RSS aggregator to read this wiki RSS feed (recent changes).

Page deletion request

Please use the following wiki template call on pages you request deletion:

{{Wiki|To delete|explain here why you want the page to be deleted}}

Page watching request

You think one page is suspicious, put a watching request on it:

{{Wiki|To watch|explain here why you want the page to be watched}}


To try out the wiki syntax, please use the dedicated page: Help:Sandbox


By default, mediawiki prints modification times in UTC format. However, you may change your preferences to reflect your timezone (e.g. GMT+2).


Be careful if changing your skin as not every skins display the menus the same way. You are advised to keep the default skin: MonoBook.