Controlling nodes

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Grid'5000 provides you with out-of-band control of your nodes. You can access the node's serial console, trigger a reboot, or even power off the node. This is very useful in case your node loses network connectivity, or simply crashes.

Accessing the serial console

You can connect to node's serial console. See the Kaconsole page.

Shutdowning down or booting node

Using yet another terminal, connect again to the frontend. Now, shutdown the node, and watch it going down in the console:

Terminal.png fnancy:
kapower3 --off -m

After it has been shut down, check its status, and turn it on again:

Terminal.png fnancy:
kapower3 --status -m
kapower3 --on -m

Rebooting node

Alternatively, you could have rebooted the node, using:

Terminal.png fnancy:
kareboot3 --reboot-kind simple -m