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Console redirection may be provided by ipmi (serial over lan), kvm (serial over lan), rsa (serial over lan), mrv (direct serial hub over lan), etc.

Escape sequence for every site

This sequence allows to terminate the remote serial console and return to the unix shell prompt.

Sometimes, the unix terminal has been perturbated by the serial connection and one needs to execute the unix reset command to recover a clean shell terminal (no need to kill the window!).

+ means pressing keys together , is intented to describe a sequence of keys, keys are quoted

All clusters

'&' , '.'

Key binding

Depending on the hardware configuration, and your keyboard configuration, the serial interface may have a special key binding:

F1   is   <ESC>1 
F2   is   <ESC>2 
F3   is   <ESC>3 
F4   is   <ESC>4 
F5   is   <ESC>5 
F6   is   <ESC>6 
F7   is    <ESC>7 
F8   is   <ESC>8 
F9   is   <ESC>9 
F10  is   <ESC>0 
F11  is   <ESC>! 
F12  is   <ESC>@

Home    is <ESC>h 
End     is <ESC>k 
PageUp  is <ESC>? 
PageDn  is <ESC>/
Insert  is <ESC>+ 
Delete  is <ESC>- 

<Ctrl><M> is <ESC><Ctrl><M> 
<Ctrl><H> is <ESC><Ctrl><H>
<Ctrl> is <ESC><Ctrl><I>
<Ctrl><J> is <ESC><Ctrl><J>

Also, use the <ESC><X><X> key sequence for <Alt><x>, where x is any letter key, and X is the upper case of that key