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Just like any other page of this wiki, you can edit the FAQ yourself to improve it. If you click on one of the little "edit" placed after each question, you'll get the possibility to edit that particular question. To edit the whole page, simply choose the edit tab at the top of the page.

Publications and Grid'5000

Is there an official acknowledgement ?

Yes there is: you agreed to it when accepting the usage policy. As the policy might have been updated since, please refer to the latest version. You should use it on all publications presenting results obtained (even partially) using Grid'5000.

How to mention Grid'5000 in HAL  ?

HAL is an open archive you're invited to use. If you do so, the recommended way of mentioning Grid'5000 is to use the collaboration field of submission form, with the Grid'5000 keyword, capitalized as such.

Account management

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it ?

To retrieve your password, you can use this form, or ask your account manager to reset it.

My account expired, how can I extend it?

Use the account management interface (Manage account link in the sidebar).

Why doesn't my home directory contain the same files on every site?

Every site has its own file server, this is the user's responsibility to synchronize the personal data between his home directory on the different sites. You may use the rsync command to synchronize a remote site home directory (be careful this will erase any file that are not the same as on the local home directory):

rsync -n --delete -avz ~ frontend.site.grid5000.fr:~

NB : please remove the -n argument once you are sure you actually don't want to do a dry-run only...;)

How to get my home mounted on deployed nodes?

This is completely automatic if you deploy a *-nfs or *-big image (automount).

  • You can connect using your own username and should land in your home;
  • If connecting as root, once connected to the node, just change directory your home and it will be mounted:
 cd /home/username
Note.png Note

But home of other users cannot be mounted, for security reasons.

How to restore a wrongly deleted file?

No backup facility is provided by Grid'5000 platform. Please watch your fingers and do backup your data using external backup services.

What about disk quotas ?

See the section about the /home in the Storage page.

How do I unsubscribe from the mailing-list ?

Users' mailing-list subscription is tied to your Grid'5000 account. You can configure your subscriptions in your account settings:

How to unsubscribe from the mailing list

Alternate method, by configuring Sympa to stop receiving any email from the list (while still being subscribed):

  • If you haven't done it before, ask for a password on sympa.inria.fr from this form: https://sympa.inria.fr/sympa/firstpasswd/. Use the email address you used to register to Grid'5000.
  • Connect to https://sympa.inria.fr using your email address you used to register to Grid'5000 and your sympa.inria.fr password.
  • From the left panel, select users_grid5000. Then go to your subscriber options (Options d'abonné) and in the reception field (Mode de réception), select suspend (interrompre la réception des messages).

Network access to/from Grid'5000

How can I connect to Grid'5000 ?

This is documented at length in the Getting Started tutorial.

You should be able to access Grid'5000 from anywhere on the Internet, by connecting to access.grid5000.fr using SSH. You'll need SSH keys properly configured (please refer to the page dedicated to SSH if you don't understand these last words) as this machine will not allow you to log using a password.

Some sites have an access.site.grid5000.fr machine, which is only reachable from an IP address coming from local laboratory (replace site with the actual site name).

How to connect from different workstations with the same account?

You can associate several public SSH keys to your account. In order to do so, you have to:

  • login
  • go to User Portal > Manage Account,
  • select the My account top tab,
  • select the SSH keys left tab,
  • then, manage your keys:
    • add a new public SSH key ;
    • remove an old one.

More information in the SSH page and the Public key authentication page.

How to directly connect by SSH to any machine within Grid'5000 from my workstation?

This tip consists of customizing SSH configuration file ~/.ssh/config (compatible with OpenSSH ssh client)

Host *.g5k
   User login
   ProxyCommand ssh login@access.grid5000.fr -W "$(basename %h .g5k):%p"

You can then connect to any machine using ssh machine.site.g5k

Please have a look at the SSH page for a deeper understanding and more information.

For users of powershell in Microsoft Windows which also comes with OpenSSH ssh client, mind adapting the configuration as the basename command may not be available.

Note.png Note

Grid'5000 internal network uses private IP V4 addresses and are not directly reachable from outside of Grid'5000

Is access to the Internet possible from nodes?

Full Internet access is allowed from Grid'5000 network to the Internet.

All IPv4 communication is NATed, while with IPv6 each node uses its own public IPv6 address.

Warning.png Warning

For security reasons, all connections are logged.

What is the source address of outcoming traffic from Grid'5000 nodes to the Internet?

The IPv4 outcoming traffic from Grid'5000 nodes to the Internet is NATed. The public IPv4 addresses used as sources for the NATed packets are: (nr-lil-536.grid5000.fr) (nr-sop-535.grid5000.fr)

How can I connect to an HTTP or HTTPS service running on a node?

See the HTTP/HTTPs_access page.

How can I share file from Grid'5000 using HTTP?

See the HTTP/HTTPs_access page.

Could I access Grid'5000 nodes directly from the internet?

For other protocols than SSH and HTTP/HTTPs which provide lighter specific solutions, see the VPN and Reconfigurable_Firewall.

SSH related questions

See the SSH page.

Software installation issues

What is the general philosophy ?

This is how things should work: a basic set of software is installed on the frontends and nodes' standard environment of each site. If you need some other software packages on nodes, you can create a Kadeploy image including them, and deploy it. You can also use at sudo-g5k. If you think those software should be installed by default, you can contact the support-staff.

Deployment related issues

See Advanced_Kadeploy#FAQ.

About resources reservations (jobs)

How can I check whether my reservations are respecting the Grid'5000 Usage Policy?

You can use the script usagepolicycheck, present on all frontends. See if your current reservations are respecting the Policy with usagepolicycheck -t, use usagepolicycheck -h to see the other options.

To help respecting the usage policy, it is possible to use day and night OAR job types to fit batch jobs inside day vs. night / week-end time frames. More details are available in the Advanced OAR guide.

How can I execute a campaign of tasks within previously reserved resources? (or smaller job in a bigger job)

This can be done either with OAR's container jobs, or with GNU Parallel:

  • If all jobs, container and inner are from a same user, using GNU Parallel' should be preferred.
  • Container job are mostly relevant for tutorials or teaching labs, where jobs are created by a set of different users. More information in Advanced_OAR#Container_jobs

About checkpoint/restart support of job

The Grid'5000 OAR service setup does not provide a seamless checkpoint/restart mechanism for jobs. While this is obviously a most wanted feature especially for long-running tasks that have to be split in order to fit in the platform usage policy, we think this is better to let the user take care of it. Indeed, while some techniques exist, such as CRIU, none seems satisfactory enough for a sustainable deployment in Grid'5000.

Note that OAR provides a mechanism to trigger an application to checkpoint itself], and to get a checkpointed job resubmitted.

Maintenance on Grid'5000

A maintenance slot is planned every Thursday on Grid'5000.

If a maintenance can impact the users jobs, we announce it on the mailing list users@lists.grid5000.fr .

When a maintenance is announced, you can follow its progress on the platform's operation schedule

How to use MPI in Grid5000?

See The MPI Tutorial.

How to share data with other users in Grid5000?

See Storage.

How do I access to other scientific infrastructures from Grid'5000 ?

Jean Zay supercomputer (and possibly others GENCI supercomputers)

If you have an account on the Jean Zay supercomputer operated by the Institute for Development and Resources in Intensive Scientific Computing (IDRIS), it is possible to connect directly to it using ssh/scp/sftp from Grid'5000 frontends or reserved nodes.

For this to be effective, you must add the Grid'5000 SSH outcoming IP addresses to the list of the IP addresses bound to your Jean Zay account.

These addresses are:

  • (nr-lil-536.grid5000.fr)
  • (nr-sop-535.grid5000.fr)

The procedure is the following:

  • Then fill in the required sections:
    • "Add, modify or delete machines"
      • add IP/name of the two IP/name addresses cited above
      • both you and your associated security manager must sign this part of the form
    • "Complete this box only if the machines are under the responsibility of an organisation or a department which is not the demander’s organisation"
      • Organisation hosting the machines: GIS Grid'5000
      • Laboratory unit number (if CNRS) or acronym: Grid'5000
      • Address: https://www.grid5000.fr
      • Telephone: leave this field blank
      • Last name, first name and qualification/function of the site manager: Pierre Neyron/Simon Delamare, Technical Directors
      • Professional e-mail address: support-staff@grid5000.fr
      • Telephone: leave this field blank
  • Send us your request by mail at support-staff@grid5000.fr:
    • Subject: Request to connect to Jean Zay supercomputer from Grid'5000
    • Attached: the above form filled and signed (PDF)
    • Body of the mail (example): Hello, could you please sign the attached form because I need it to access to Jean Zay from Grid'5000 ? Best regards. YOU.
  • We will send you back the form with our signature, and you will have to send the form to gestutil@idris.fr (this will take roughly a day for this to be effective)