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General conditions

To get an account, you must use Grid'5000 for its intended purposes. The following extract of our charter details these purpuses :

Grid'5000 is a scientific instrument supporting experiment-driven research in all areas of computer science, including high performance computing, distributed computing, networking and big data. The use of Grid'5000 should lead to results or contribute to education in those research areas.

Policy for academics from France

For all academics in France whose work is compatible with the charter, accounts can be requested using the dedicated form after having read and accepted Grid'5000's charter. Please contact the person responsible for the site nearest to you before submitting a request if he does not know you, as he will have to accept your request and he will receive account management and accounting mails related to your usage of Grid'5000.

In doubt, you can contact the board of directors at

See the news page for information about events where/when to meet the Grid'5000 community.

Current policy for non-French and/or non-academic applications:

We have started a pilot open access program. Please apply for access through it if you don't meet the conditions below.

Users from foreign countries may get an access to Grid'5000 resources only through formal collaboration, such as a European project, with a French team already involved in. Feel free to contact one of the executive committee members.

Private companies interested in providing or using resources may contact one of the Grid'5000 executive committee members.

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