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  • Fields marked with * are required.

Personal informations

Without accents.
Without accents.
Free email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Laposte, ... will not be accepted.

Until when do you plan on using your Grid'5000 account.
Examples: "28 july 2008", "2008-07-28", ...
Leave blank for permanent accounts (for people with permanent positions only).



The public part of your SSH authentication key.

Or the file that contains this SSH public key (commonly named : "~/.ssh/").

You can find more information about ssh key creation on Grid'5000 wiki.

Accept empty ssh key.

(I won't need ssh access or will upload a valid key later)

Intended Usage


Please desribe in at least 1 or 2 paragraphs your intended usage for Grid'5000. This description will be stored in your initial user report and linked from the frontpage. Please update this report regularly and change its title to something more significative that intended usage when you update it.

Grid'5000 Affiliation


The Grid'5000 login of the person who's responsible of the account you're requesting.
It usually refers to the person you're working for.


Select physical site name that reflects your administrative situation.

Institutional Affiliation

If you have multiple affiliations, please use a comma separated list of affiliations.

This field should be used as you wish to indicate the project you are working for (European project, ANR project, name of the software you are working on, etc..).

This is the smaller institutional entity your are affiliated to (INRIA project-team for example).

Functional entity your project belongs to. This is the field the most likely to receive a comma separated list of values, for example: <UMR name>,<University Federation name>,<INRIA research center>

This is the name of the entity you are working for. In most cases, this field contains the name of your employer, but the distinction could be meaningfull in the case of a sabatical, etc.

The name of the entity you 'belong to'

Since when the informations above are valid.
Examples: "28 july 2008", "2008-07-28"


* =
Type the characters you see in the picture above.
* I accept the Grid'5000 usage policy.