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Framework of the Open Access program

Researchers outside of France, or researchers outside of the French academic community can request an access to Grid'5000 thanks to the Open-Access program.

If you do not have an active formal collaboration with academic researchers from France (e.g. via a European project or an international partnership) or a special agreement (in any of those cases, you may be able to get an regular account thanks to it), you can get a trial access to Grid'5000 for 2 months within the framework of the Open-Access program. See the get an account page.

After the 2 months, obtaining an extension of your program requires you to provide a report.

Please, mind reading the Grid'5000 Usage Policy and the Grid5000:General Conditions of Use for more details on the usage of the platform.

Open-Access user report

While a user report on the use of Grid'5000 within the framework of the Open-Access program is wanted in any case, providing a report is mandatory in order to request an extension of the program.

Reports should be sent by email to the Open-Access program managers, and contain the following information:

What is your Grid'5000 username ?
What is your research topic, in a few lines ? 
What experiments have you been conducting on Grid'5000, in a few lines ?
What Grid'5000 resources did you use and/or were/are you looking for (special hardware, cluster size, ...) ?
What features of Grid'5000 did you use and/or were/are the most important to you (bare metal deployment, network reconfiguration, ...) ?
Did you produce any outcome and/or publish any results (scientific papers, software,...) thanks to Grid'5000 ?

And if applying for an extension:

Is it the first time you ask for an extension of your Open-Access program membership ?
Why was the previous period not enough to conduct you experiments, in a few lines ?
For how long would you like your Open-Access program membership extended ?
<... months>
What kind of experiment do you plan to do if your membership extension is granted, in a few lines ?
Since the last request (account creation or membership extension), did your professional situation change (new lab, position change,...)?
<Yes/No (if Yes, please briefly describe the change)>