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Grid'5000 reference environments are named accordingly to the following scheme: OSversion-architecture-variant.

  • OSversion is the OS distribution name and version, for instance debian11 (Debian 11 "Bullseye", released on 08/2021), ubuntu2004 (Ubuntu 2004 "Focal", released on 04/2020), or centos8 (Centos 8, clone of RHEL 8, released on 09/2019).
  • architecture is the system architecture the environment can run on. It can be x64 (elsewhere named X86_64 or amd64), or arm64 (elsewhere also named aarch64), or ppc64 (elsewhere also named ppc64le).
  • variant defines the set of features included in the environment, as follows:
    • min = a minimalistic system (most basic installation) with a minimal Grid'5000-specific customization: the default configuration provided by the distribution (e.g. Debian) is used, however adding SSH server, network interface firmware, etc. (see changes).
    • base = min + various Grid'5000-specific tuning for performance (TCP buffers for 10 GbE, etc.), and a handful of commonly-needed tools to make the image more user-friendly (see changes). Please be aware that those changed may incur an experimental bias.
    • xen = base + Xen hypervisor Dom0 + minimal DomU (see changes).
    • nfs = base + support for mounting your NFS home and accessing other storage services (Ceph), and using your Grid'5000 user account on deployed nodes (LDAP) (see changes).
    • big = nfs + packages for development, system tools, editors, shells (see changes).
    • std = big + integration with tools required for the standard environment (OAR, configuration, etc.). debian11-x64-std is the standard environment which is pre-deployed on nodes and used whenever a job is not of type deploy (see changes).
  • As described, environment variants outclass each other in term of features: minbasenfsbigstd. Only xen is a fork from base.
  • All the variants are provided for environments based on debian11, debian10, and debian9.
  • For other supported OS distributions: ubuntu and centos, only the min variant is provided. This is also the case for the upcoming Debian, also known as Debian testing: the debiantesting environment is only provided in the min variant.

The list of all supported environments is available by runing kaenv3 -l -u deploy on any frontend. Note that environments are versioned: old versions can be listed using the kaenv3 -l -u deploy -s command and a former version retrieved and used by adding the --env-versionYYYYMMDDHH option to the kaenv3 or kadeploy3 commands (also see the man pages). This can be useful to reproduce experiments months or years later, using a previous version of an environment.

The Grid'5000 reference environments are build from recipes using the kameleon tool from recipes detailing the whole construction process, and updated on a regular basis (see versions).