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Software and Modules

Typically with many scientific software packages, the Grid5000 users will compile and install them into their home directories or managed them in Kadeploy customized environment. To make building and maintaining the user software environment easier we have installed a number of software packages with Spack package management system. These software packages are managed by the modules environment management system and available directly on Grid5000 SSH frontends or cluster's nodes.

Please take a look and see what is available for your use. If you need other software installed that will be of use to the Grid5000 community in general, feel free to contact us at Grid5000 users mailing-list and we can look into it.


The module system is designed to manage your environment to make available software packages in your PATH. To get started, it is great to look a a listing of what is available.

$ module av
------------------ /grid5000/spack/share/spack/modules/linux-debian9-x86_64 ------------------
cuda/9.2.88_gcc-6.4.0          jdk/11.0.2_9_gcc-6.4.0         openmpi/2.0.4_gcc-6.4.0
cudnn/5.1_gcc-6.4.0            libfabric/1.7.0_gcc-6.4.0      openmpi/3.0.0_gcc-6.4.0
cudnn/6.0_gcc-6.4.0            likwid/4.2.1_gcc-6.4.0         openmpi/3.1.3_gcc-6.4.0

To load something into your environment use the load command:

$ module load openmpi 

If you don't want to use the latest version, you can also specify it:

$ module load openmpi/3.0.0_gcc-6.4.0
$ mpirun --version
mpirun (Open MPI) 3.0.0

You can also find out more information about the package using the show or whatis commands

$ module show openmpi
$ module whatis openmpi

If you want to remove one or all the currently loaded modules, you can use

$ module unload openmpi
$ module purge