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Please note that the final program will be available in time. For the moment, you should refer to the current table.

Practical sessions

Practical sessions are organised to allow for different profiles:


December 3rd (Monday) December 4th (Tuesday) December 5th (Wednesday) December 6th (Thursday)
9h-10h Keynote: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases - Dr. Florent Masseglia Keynote: Autonomic application management on a federated cloud using CometCloud - Ivan Rodero Keynote:Cloud Resource Management: an Experimental View from TU Delft - Ass. Prof Alexandru Iosup
10h-10h30 coffee break
10h30-11h00 presentation 3 Presentation 7 presentation 11
11h-11h30 presentation 4 Presentation 8 presentation 12
11h30-12h presentation 5 Presentation 9 presentation 13
12h00-12h30 presentation 6 Presentation 10 presentation 14
12h30-13h00 Lunch break
13h-14h registration and coffee
14h-14h45 Kick-off: science using Grid'5000 Christian Perez Using Expo and Kameleon to Enhance Experiment Reproducibility and Automation in Distributed Systems Reserve IPs and boot virtual machines without Kadeploy3 Run MPI On Grid'5000 Building a Virtual Experimental Environment with Distem IaaS using g5k-campaign Grid'5000 lab: choose one or more of the following to better master Grid'5000 tools: OAR, OARGRID (multisite reservations), Cigri3 (multiple jobs management for experiment campaigns) and advanced Kadeploy3 (from iso to Kadeploy3 image, repartionning of the harddrive and using breakpoints for debugging) Awards
14h45-15h45 Kick-off: Grid'5000' new features and directions David Margery
15h45-16h15 coffee break
16h15-17h15 Keynote: Self-organizing Virtual Private Networks and Applications - Ass. Prof Renato J. Figueiredo Practical session: Getting Started Deploy OpenStack over Grid'5000 in your own VLAN and use it through its web interface Grid'5000 API Storage handling and use on Grid'5000: Storage5K and Dfs5k Free-choice practical session challenge entries
17h15-17h30 presentation 1
17h45-18h15 presentation 2
19h15-22h Gala dinner