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Organised by ALADDIN-G5K and the Nancy - Grand Est INRIA research center and partially hosted at ESIAL.


After the successful 2006 edition that helped users discover Grid'5000's usage and the first successful experiments using Grid'5000, Grid'5000 practitioners and would be practitioners are invited to gather, learn and share around the usage of Grid'5000 as a scientific instrument.

Organized in Nancy, from April 7th to April 10th 2009, this spring school will bring together Grid'5000's users, technical team and executive committee for 4 days of tutorials and talks focusing on best-practises and results. Presentations and practical sessions will cover both:

  • basic usage of the platform, for new users, or potential users of Grid'5000
  • advanced usage of the platform, for current users

Language for the school will be English.


The program is organised in the following way:

  • In the morning,
    • keynote and
    • presentations of experimental results by Grid'5000 users
  • In the afternoon, practical sessions organized by the technical staff or by users

A provisional program is available, as well as details of the practical sessions.

Call for presentation and practical sessions

Important dates

  • March 2nd, 2009 : submission deadline
  • March 20th, 2009 : notification of authors

Call for presentations

Grid'5000 users are invited to submit proposals for talks presenting results obtained using Grid'5000 as well as the tools and techniques used to produce these results.

Proposals will be evaluated on

  • their scientific contribution,
  • the quality of their experimental process
  • the potential for other users to reproduce those experiments and/or to learn from those experiments for their own experiments
    • availability and visibility of the environments and scripts used, or
    • clear description of the techniques used

The presentations will last 30mn and will have a fixed format with

  • 15mn to expose the scientific results
  • 5 to 10mn to present techniques used to conduct the experiments
  • 10 to 5mn for questions.

Proposals will be described in a 4 page, single column self contained document. This document should reference the experiment as described in the user report for additional reference by the referees.

Submissions will be handled through easychair, in the presentation track. You need to register as an author first, before submitting your presentation.

Call for practical sessions

Seasoned Grid'5000 users are invited to submit proposals for practical sessions. These practical sessions should be focused on dedicated kadeploy environments maintained by the submitters or on specific tools developed or used to ease the use of Grid'5000 in common use-cases of the instrument. In particular, maintainers of Condor, EGEE, GT4, or hypervisors are invited to make their work known. Practical sessions should be 1,5h or 2h long, or combine 2 sessions.

Submitters are invited to submit a 2 page long proposal detailing the tool, environment or technique that will be taught to practitioners, as well as the main steps of the practical session.

Submissions will be handled through easychair, in the practical track. You need to register as an author first, before submitting your practical session proposal.

Organization and program committee

  • Emmanuel Jeannot,
  • Martin Quinson,
  • Lucas Nussbaum
  • David Margery
  • Thierry Priol
  • Olivier Richard
  • and members of the executive committee:
    • Olivier Beaumont
    • Franck Cappello
    • Yvon Jegou
    • Michel Dayde
    • Frederic Desprez
    • Fabrice Huet
    • Nouredine Melab
    • Franck Simon
    • Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet
    • Pierre Sens


We thank:

INRIA Nancy - Grand Est
INRIA Nancy - Grand Est
l'INRIA Nancy - Grand Est for hosting the event and administrative support
ALADDIN-G5K for financial support,
Direction du Developpement Technologique
INRIA's Technological development department for the support of ALADDIN-G5K
Institut des Grilles
l'Institut des Grilles for the support of this spring school
ESIAL for hosting the main sessions and providing the equipment for practical sessions


Registering is a two steps action.

  1. you need to register as a participant using the following site :
  2. you need to register to the practical sessions you intend to take part in during the first week of April

Fees include midday meals and are

  • 150€ for full price registration
  • 100€ for students
  • 10€ for the gala dinner

Should you have any troubles with the registration process, please contact David Margery (David.Margery at or Emmanuel Jeannot (Emmanuel.Jeannot at

Practical information


Main sessions, practical sessions and registration will take place at ESIAL, in Nancy

Lunch will be taken at INRIA Nancy - Grand Est.


Hôtels in Nancy