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Layout of the storage available for the compute nodes.

Local disk

Each compute node is shipped with at least one hard drive.

Partition table

Type Device Size (GB) System id
Primary xda1 4 Linux swap
Primary xda2 8 Linux
Primary xda3 16 Linux
Extended xda4 - Extended
Logical xda5 * Linux



Partition for the reference environment, also called standard environment, of the site.

  • File-system: depending on the reference environment used
  • Cleanup: when re-deployed by admin


Partition for the deployment of Kadeploy environments by users.

  • File-system: depending on the deployed environment
  • Cleanup: when re-deployed by users


Big temporary space (it takes remaining disk space) for users.

  • File-system: depending on the site
  • Mount-point: /tmp
  • Mount-point's permissions: depending on the site
  • Cleanup: at boot time if enabled in the boot-up environment

Note: on some sites, the /tmp directory may be a symbolic link