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IP networks in use

You have to use a public network range to run an experiment between several Grid5000 sites.

Public Networks

  • computing :
  • virtual :

Local Networks


Experiment Network

Experiment network

Physical link details

The following diagram show a view of the central router, a hp procurve 5406zl, named sgravillon1.

  • All internal links are 10GB CX4.
  • Renater link is 10GB optical fiber.


High Performance Networks

Infiniband 20G on griffon nodes


  • griffon-1 to griffon-92 have one 20GB Infiniband card.
  • Card Model : Mellanox Technologies MT26418 [ConnectX IB DDR, PCIe 2.0 5GT/s] ( ConnectX ).
  • Driver : mlx4_ib
  • OAR property : ib20g=1 ( Monika ).
  • IP over IB addressing : griffon-[1..92] ( à



Infiniband network is physically isolated from Ethernet networks. Therefore, Ethernet network emulated over Infiniband is isolated as well. There isn't any interconnexion, neither at the data link layer nor at the network layer.

Grid5000 interconnect

Interconnect type

Nancy Grid'5000 interconnect

Link details

Nancy's Grid'5000 linking

Note: All the used fiber cables are dedicated to our Grid'5000 interconnect. When it is said trunk on the above figure it means a more rigid garter.

Loria interconnect

Interconnect type

Nancy's Loria interconnect

Link details

Nancy's Loria linking