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Experiment network


Management network

No network diagram available.

Grid5000 interconnect


Connection to others Grid'5000 sites uses the national research network, called Renater. This network uses the 10Gbit Ethernet technology.

Nancy Grid'5000 interconnect

The local Renater site is managed by the CIRIL, which is located at 2 km from the Loria, which hosts Nancy's Grid'5000 cluster. This distance implies the use of a fiber medium with the 10GBASE-LR technology. The 48-port experiment network switch, which is equipped with a 10GbE LR transceiver, takes in charge the Grid'5000 interconnect.

Fiber linking to the CIRIL is not direct. Firstly, fiber goes down to the Faculté des Sciences. After that, it goes to Loria. Finally, it arrives on the cluster.

Nancy's Grid'5000 linking

Note: All the used fiber cables are dedicated to our Grid'5000 interconnect. When it is said trunk on the above figure it means a more rigid garter.


Not yet defined


There is no specific naming for the Grid'5000 interconnect, because the experiment network names are used on the entire grid.

Loria interconnect


The Loria laboratory possess a 1Gbit Ethernet network. Service nodes of the cluster are connected to this network. So the 24-port experiment switch, which connects service nodes, makes the uplink to this network.

Nancy's Loria interconnect

Nancy's Grid'5000 cluster is hosted in Loria building. So cabling distance is short. 1000BASE-T technology is used with an RJ-45 CAT6 cable. The 24-port experiment switch is directly linked to the Loria router.

Nancy's Loria linking


Loria uses a public IP address range for its materials : Within this range, the subnet is dedicated to Grid'5000 cluster:

  • 152.81.45.[101-1??] are dedicated to service node first experiment interface
  • 152.81.44.[201-2??] are dedicated to service node management interface
Note.png Note

Service node first experiment interfaces possess 2 IP addresses:

  • eth0 for cluster's intraconnect: 172.28.53.[1-X]
  • eth0:0 for Loria's interconnect: 152.81.45.[101-1XX]


Service node interfaces connected to Loria network are also named on it. These names are gathered into subdomain :

  • fgrillon[1-??] are dedicated to service node second experiment interface
Note:, and are also used for default service node.
  • fgrillade[1-??] are dedicated to service node management interface