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(Grid5000 interconnect)
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= Loria interconnect =
= Loria interconnect =
== Interconnect type ==
[[Image:nancy_loria_interconnect.png|Nancy's Loria interconnect]]
== Topology ==
== Link details ==
The Loria laboratory possess a 1Gbit Ethernet network. Service nodes of the cluster are connected to this network. So the 24-port experiment switch, which connects service nodes, makes the uplink to this network.
[[Image:nancy_loria_linking.png|Nancy's Loria linking]]
[[Image:nancy_loria_interconnect.png|center|Nancy's Loria interconnect]]
Nancy's Grid'5000 cluster is hosted in Loria building. So cabling distance is short. 1000BASE-T technology is used with an RJ-45 CAT6 cable. The 24-port experiment switch is directly linked to the Loria router.
[[Image:nancy_loria_linking.png|center|Nancy's Loria linking]]
== Addressing ==
Loria uses a public IP address range for its materials : <code class="host"></code>. Within this range, the subnet <code class="host"></code> is dedicated to Grid'5000 cluster:
* <code class="host">152.81.45.[101-1??]</code> are dedicated to service node first experiment interface
* <code class="host">152.81.44.[201-2??]</code> are dedicated to service node management interface
{{Note|text=Service node first experiment interfaces possess 2 IP addresses:
* <code>eth0</code> for cluster's intraconnect: <code>172.28.53.[1-X]</code>
* <code>eth0:0</code> for Loria's interconnect: <code>152.81.45.[101-1XX]</code>}}
== Naming ==
Service node interfaces connected to Loria network are also named on it. These names are gathered into <code class="domain">grid5000.loria.fr</code> subdomain :
* <code class="host">fgrillon[1-??].grid5000.loria.fr</code> are dedicated to service node second experiment interface
:'''Note:''' <code class="host">fgrillon.grid5000.loria.fr</code>, <code class="host">grillon.grid5000.loria.fr</code> and <code class="host">acces.nancy.grid5000.fr</code> are also used for default service node.
* <code class="host">fgrillade[1-??].grid5000.loria.fr</code> are dedicated to service node management interface

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Experiment network


Management network

No network diagram available.

Grid5000 interconnect

Interconnect type

Nancy Grid'5000 interconnect

Link details

Nancy's Grid'5000 linking

Note: All the used fiber cables are dedicated to our Grid'5000 interconnect. When it is said trunk on the above figure it means a more rigid garter.

Loria interconnect

Interconnect type

Nancy's Loria interconnect

Link details

Nancy's Loria linking