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Grid'5000 Backbone Network Infrastructure

Logo RENATER.png
Renater's WDM infrastructure

Grid'5000 backbone network infrastructure is provided by RENATER. RENATER is the French National Telecommunication Network for Technology, Education and Research. More information can be found on

RENATER offers about 30 POPs (Points Of Presence) in France, at least one POP for each region, which metropolitan and regional networks are connected on. More than 600 sites (Universities, Research Centers, ..) are interconnected through RENATER.

The actual phase of the network is RENATER-5, the deployment has been completed by January 2009.

The "standard" architecture is based on 10Gbit/s dark fibers and provides IP transit connectivity, interconnection with GEANT-2 (, overseas territories and the SFINX (Global Internet exchange).

For more information on the Grid5000 Backbone Network Architecture, please check the Network_interlink page.

Grid5000 Project

10Gbps lambda activated for Grid'5000 in Renater's Dark Fiber infrastructure
Grid5000 IP Network

Original Design : EoMPLS tunnels

The initial design of Grid'5000 sites interconnection has been adressed within the RENATER backbone using a Ethernet Over MPLS (EoMPLS) solution. It used to be full mesh topology based on MPLS tunnels (LSPs) established between the RENATER PoPs on which are connected the Grid'5000 sites. Sites were interconnected through 1Gbit/s VLANs.

Current design : Dark Fibre

RENATER-4 introduced a dark fibre infrastructure allowing to allocate dedicated 10Gbit/s "lambdas" for specific research projects. It also provides interconnection with GEANT-2 (see picture above), with increased capacity compared to GEANT-1 and dedicated interconnection for projects. RENATER-5 has enhanced the dark fiber infrastructure and all Grid'5000 sites are now connected to it.

Grid'5000 sites see each others inside the same VLAN at 10Gbps. A few few bottleneck still exists, like the Lyon to Paris link, where the 10Gbps are shared between all the sites above Lyon and all the sites under Lyon.

Please check Renater5 for more information on the current network topology.

Monitoring and Metrology

You can find the monitoring and metrology (SNMP Graphs, Smokeping, Weathermap...) performed on Grid5000 by Renater and the Grid5000 staff on the Network_interlink#Monitoring section.

International Extensions

We share a direct connection with the following networks :

Grid'5000 Sites

Each local network topology is different. More information is available to our users on the following pages of the Wiki :

High Speed Networks

Grid'5000 features both Myrinet and Infiniband network infrastructures. Grid5000 users may check the different cards available on this page.