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OAR-GRID is a tool to reserve some computers from different sites of Grid'5000.


OAR-GRID's principle is very simple, on each wanted clusters a reservation is proceeded (in OAR meanings). If one of them did not succeed then all previous reservations are canceled and also the global operation. An identity number is given by OAR_GRID, so with it you can find all reservation information.

Bases commands

Each commands is associated with a man page for more informations.

Submit a reservation

The reservation command is oargridsub. It will perform an OAR reservation on each specified clusters. It returns a grid job id to bind cluster jobs together if the inherent cluster reservations succeed:

oargridsub  sol:rdef="/nodes=2/cpu=1",idpot:rdef="/core=4":prop="cpufreq='2.4'"

You can use the site alias if you want nodes on several clusters at once:

oargridsub  sophia:rdef="/cluster=2/nodes=2",rennes:rdef="/core=30"

State reservation visualization

Once a reservation is accepted, it is possible to consult currently allocated machines:

oargridstat -l idJob

Cancel a reservation

You can cancel your reservation:

oargriddel idJob

Example of use with OAR2 keys management

See OAR2_use_cases#Using_OARGrid2


The whole current grid usage is available through a web interface: