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This page describes the 1.8 version of the Grid'5000 prod environment for all sites (see the general strategy for reference images) based on Squeeze version of Debian distribution for AMD64/EM64T machines. It intends to explain how this environment was built and how to use it with Kadeploy.

Identification sheet


  • Based on: Debian version squeeze for amd64
  • Reference file: /grid5000/images/squeeze-x64-prod-1.8.tgz at ' (md5sum is )
  • Valid on: bordeplage, bordereau, borderline, adonis, edel, genepi, chicon, chimint, chinqchint, chirloute, capricorne, sagittaire, graphene, griffon, paradent, paramount, parapide, parapluie, helios, sol, suno, pastel, stremi, granduc

Kernel version 2.6.32-5-amd64 from Debian for amd64/em64t


  • Remote console: enabled on ttyS0 at 34800 bps
  • Services: ldap:yes, nfs:yes
  • Accounts:



  • ia32/i386 shared libraries are available
  • SSH has X11 forwarding enabled
  • MaxStartups for SSH is set to 500
  • Max open files: 65536
  • TCP bandwidth: for 1Gbs


Build with Chef.

What's new ?

  • Add open-iscsi and udev scripts for storage5k. Bug 4309
  • Add kexec-tools for the next release of kadeploy (version 3.1.5). Bug 4245
  • tgz-g5k release version 1.0.8. Bug 4115
  • g5k-checks release version 0.6.1: Improvements for swap and nfs checks.
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