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Science Articles

How should you structure your hierarchical scheduler ?.

  • P. K. Chouhan, H. Dail, E. Caron, and F. Vivien.
  • In HPDC-15. 15th IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing, Paris, France., pages 339-340 (Poster), June 19-23th 2006. IEEE.

MOTEUR: a data-intensive service-based workflow manager

  • T. Glatard, J. Montagnat, X. Pennec, D. Emsellem, D. Lingrand
  • Research Report I3S, number I3S/RR-2006-07-FR, 37 pages, Sophia Antipolis (France), mar 2006

GoDIET: A Deployment Tool for Distributed Middleware on Grid'5000.

  • E. Caron, P. K. Chouhan, and H. Dail.
  • In IEEE, editor, EXPGRID workshop. Experimental Grid Testbeds for the Assessment of Large-Scale Distributed Applications and Tools. In conjunction with HPDC-15., Paris, France, pages 1-8, June 19th 2006.

An experimental comparison of Grid5000 clusters and the EGEE grid

  • T.Glatard, J.Montagnat, X.Pennec
  • Proceedings of the Workshop on Experimental Grid testbeds for the assessment of large-scale distributed applications and tools (EXPGRID'06), Paris, France, 19 jun 2006

Performance evaluation of grid-enabled registration algorithms using bronze-standards

  • T.Glatard, X.Pennec, J.Montagnat
  • Proceedings of the Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI'06), Copenhagen, Denmark, oct 2006

Management of services based on a semantic description within the Grid-TLSE project.

  • P. Amestoy, M. Daydé, C. Hamerling, M. Pantel, and C. Puglisi
  • Proceedings of the WCGC06 Workshop attached to VECPAR'06, Rio de Janeiro, July 2006

Semantic-based Service trading: Application to Linear Algebra

  • M. Dayde, A. Hurault, and M. Pantel
  • Proceedings of the WCGC06 Workshop attached to VECPAR'06, Rio de Janeiro, July 2006.

Grid'5000: A Large Scale, Reconfigurable, Controlable and Monitorable Grid Platform

  • Franck Cappello, Frederic Desprez, Michel Dayde, Emmanuel Jeannot, Yvon Jegou, Stephane Lanteri, Nouredine Melab, Raymond Namyst, Pascale Primet, Olivier Richard, Eddy Caron, Julien Leduc, Guillaume Mornet
  • Proceedings of the 6th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing, Grid'2005, November 13-14, 2005, Seattle, Washington, USA

Gridification of Scientific Application Using Software Components: the Grid-TLSE Project as an illustration

  • Michel Daydé, Aurélie Hurault and Marc Pantel
  • Proceedings of CSIT05, pp 419-427, Yerevan, Armenia, Sept. 2005

Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Protocols for Very Long-Distance Networks

  • Vicat-Blanc Primet Pascale, Richard Hughes-Jones, Cheng Jin
  • 3rd International Workshop on Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks, PFLDnet'05, ENS Lyon-INRIA

Survey of Protocols other than TCP

An Overlay Infrastructure for Bulk Data Transfer in Grids

  • Zeng Jingdi, Vicat-Blanc Primet Pascale
  • Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Protocol For Fast Long-Distance Networks, PFLDnet'05, Lyon.

Optimizing Network Resource Sharing in Grids

  • Marchal Loris, Robert Yves, Vicat-Blanc Primet Pascale, Zeng
  • RR-5523
  • RR-2005-10
  • mars 2005

Traffic Isolation and Network Resource Sharing for Performance Control in Grids

  • Vicat-Blanc Primet Pascale and Zeng,Jingdi
  • Proceedings of ACNS'05, USA

HIPernet : Fully Distributed Security For Grid Environments

  • Laganier, Julien and Vicat-Blanc Primet, Pascale
  • Proceedings of GRID2005, Seattle, USA, April 2005

Use of A Network Enabled Server System for a Sparse Linear Algebra Grid Application

  • E. Caron, F. Desprez, C. Hamerling, J-Y L'Excellent, M. Pantel and C. Puglisi-Amestoy
  • Future Generation Grids, volume XVIII, CoreGrid Series of Proceedings of the Workshop on Future Generation Grids November 1-5, 2004, Dagstuhl, Germany. Springer Verlag, 2006.
  • RR-5595
  • RR-2005-30

Gridification of Scientific Application Using Software Components: the Grid-TLSE Project as an illustration

  • M.Daydé, A.Hurault and M.Pantel
  • Invited Talk, Proceedings of CSIT05, pp 419-427
  • Yerevan, Armenia, Sept. 2005.

On Deploying Scientific Software within the Grid-TLSE Project

  • E. Caron and F. Desprez and M. Daydé and A. Hurault and M.Pantel
  • Lectures in Computing Letters (CoLe), 1(3):1-5, 2005.

An Overview of the Grid-TLSE Project

TLSE Project : A GRID-based expertise site for sparse matrix solvers

The Grid-TLSE Project: Goals ans Current Status

  • P. Amestoy, M. Buvry, M. Daydé, L. Giraud and C. Hamerling
  • Workshop Franco-Corean, IRISA, Rennes (France), July 22, 2004

GRID-TLSE: A Web Site for Experimenting with Sparse Direct Solvers on a Computational Grid

  • P. R. Amestoy, I. S. Duff, L. Giraud, J-Y. L'Excellent and C. Puglisi
  • Conference: SIAM conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, San Francisco (USA), 25-27 February, 2004

Poster on the Grid-TLSE Project

  • C. Hamerling and M. Pantel
  • IFIP World Computer Congress, Toulouse (France), August 2004

Recherche de services en algèbre linéaire sur une grille

Grille, composants et calcul scientifique

Grid-TLSE project: Meta-data for matrices, computers and solvers

  • M. Pantel, M. Buvry, C. Hamerling and C. Puglisi
  • 3rd International Workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications (PMAA'04), CIRM, Marseille (France), 18-22 October, 2004

Approche composant et Calcul numérique

Performance Evaluation of JXTA Communication Layers

Enabling the P2P JXTA Platform for High-Performance Networking Grid Infrastructures

GDS: An Architecture Proposal for a grid Data-Sharing Service. Springer

  • G. Antoniu, M. Bertier, E. Caron, F. Desprez, L. Bougé, M. Jan, S. Monnet and P. Sens
  • Future Generation Grids, volume XVIII, CoreGrid Series of Proceedings of the Workshop on Future Generation Grids November 1-5, 2004, Dagstuhl, Germany. Springer Verlag, 2006.
  • RR-2005-28

JuxMem: An Adaptive Supportive Platform for Data Sharing on the Grid

JuxMem: Weaving together the P2P and DSM paradigms to enable a Grid Data-sharing Service

  • G. Antoniu, L. Bougé and M. Jan
  • RR-5082
  • Kluwer Journal of Supercomputing, 2005. To appear

Peer-to-Peer Distributed Shared Memory?

How to bring together fault tolerance and data consistency to enable grid data sharing

Extension du modèle de cohérence à l'entrée pour la visualisation dans les applications de couplage de code sur grilles

  • L. Cudennec and S. Monnet
  • In Actes des Journées francophones sur la Cohérence des Données en Univers Réparti, Paris, November 2005

Using failure injection mechanisms to experiment and evaluate a grid failure detector

  • S. Monnet and M. Bertier
  • In Workshop on Computational Grids and Clusters (WCGC~2006), Held in conjunction with VECPAR'06, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2006

Cohérence et volatilité dans un service de partage de données dans les grilles de calcul

Extending the entry consistency model to enable efficient visualization for code-coupling grid applications

  • G. Antoniu, L. Cudennec and S. Monnet
  • In 6th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid, CCGrid~2006, Singapore, May 2006

Master Thesis


Ph. D. Thesis

Typed Groups for the Grid

Contribution à l'algorithmique matricielle et évaluation de performances sur les grilles de calcul, vers un modèle de programmation à grande échelle

  • Lamine Aouad
  • Supervised by Serge Petiton
  • Defended in December 2005 at Lille I University

HDR Thesis

Contributions à la résolution de problèmes d'optimisation combinatoire sur grilles de calcul

Algorithmes itératifs asynchrones sur grappes distantes et équilibrage de charge sur topologies dynamiques

Conferences and Seminars Slides

Marketing documents