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Citing Grid'5000

In order to reference Grid'5000 in your scientific publications, please use to:

Daniel Balouek, Alexandra Carpen Amarie, Ghislain Charrier, Frédéric Desprez, Emmanuel Jeannot, Emmanuel Jeanvoine, Adrien Lèbre, David Margery, Nicolas Niclausse, Lucas Nussbaum}, Olivier Richard, Christian Perez, Flavien Quesnel, Cyril Rohr, and Luc Sarzyniec. Adding virtualization capabilities to the Grid'5000 testbed.

In Cloud Computing and Services Science, volume 367 of Communications in Computer and Information Science, pages 3-20. Springer International Publishing, 2013.

This article is also available as a research report from HAL (full text in PDF).

Bibtex entry:

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Other publications about Grid'5000

Publications from Grid'5000 users

Lists of publications by Grid'5000 users are available: