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Grid'5000: A Large Scale, Reconfigurable, Controlable and Monitorable Grid Platform

  • Franck Cappello, Frederic Desprez, Michel Dayde, Emmanuel Jeannot, Yvon Jegou, Stephane Lanteri, Nouredine Melab, Raymond Namyst, Pascale Primet, Olivier Richard, Eddy Caron, Julien Leduc, Guillaume Mornet
  • Proceedings of the 6th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing, Grid'2005, November 13-14, 2005, Seattle, Washington, USA

Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Protocols for Very Long-Distance Networks

  • PFLDnet'05, ENS Lyon-INRIA
  • Vicat-Blanc Primet Pascale, Richard Hughes-Jones, Cheng Jin====
  • note = 3rd International Workshop on Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks

Survey of Protocols other than TCP

  • Weltz Michael, He Eric, Vicat-Blanc Primet Pascale and al
  • April 2005

An Overlay Infrastructure for Bulk Data Transfer in Grids

  • Zeng Jingdi, Vicat-Blanc Primet Pascale
  • Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Protocol For Fast Long-Distance Networks, PFLDnet'05, Lyon.

Optimizing Network Resource Sharing in Grids

  • Marchal Loris, Robert Yves, Vicat-Blanc Primet Pascale, Zeng
  • RR-5523
  • RR-2005-10
  • mars 2005

Traffic Isolation and Network Resource Sharing for Performance Control in Grids

  • Vicat-Blanc Primet Pascale and Zeng,Jingdi
  • Proceedings of ACNS'05, USA,

HIPernet : Fully Distributed Security For Grid Environments

  • Laganier, Julien and Vicat-Blanc Primet, Pascale
  • Proceedings of GRID2005, Seattle, USA, April 2005

Use of A Network Enabled Server System for a Sparse Linear Algebra Grid Application

  • Caron Eddy, Desprez Frédéric, Hamerling Christophe, L'Excellent Jean-Yves, Pantel Marc, Puglisi-Amestoy Chiara
  • "Future Generation Grids", june 2005
  • RR-5595
  • RR-2005-30

E. Caron and F. Desprez and J.-Y. L'Excellent and C. Hamerling and M. Pantel and C. Puglisi-Amestoy

"Future Generation Grids" in : "Use of A Network Enabled Server System for a Sparse LinearAlgebra Application", Springer Verlag, 2005,

"Gridification of Scientific Application Using Software Components": the Grid-TLSE Project as an illustration

  • M.Daydé, A.Hurault and M.Pantel
  • Invited Talk, Proceedings of CSIT05, pp 419-427,
  • Yerevan, Armenia, Sept. 2005.

On Deploying Scientific Software within the Grid-TLSE Project

  • E. Caron and F. Desprez and M. Daydé and A. Hurault and M.Pantel
  • Lectures in Computing Letters, 2005,
  • note = Lecture Series on Computer and Computational Sciences. To appear

M. Daydé and L. Giraud and M. Hernandez and J.-Y.L'Excellent and C. Puglisi and M. Pantel

M. Buvry, M. Daydé, M. Pantel, C. Puglisi

P. Amestoy and M. Buvry and M. Daydé and L. Giraud and C. Hamerling

  • The Grid-TLSE Project: Goals ans Current Status, July 22, 2004,
  • note = Workshop Franco-Corean, IRISA, Rennes, (France)

P. R. Amestoy and I. S. Duff and L. Giraud and J-Y. L'Excellent and C. Puglisi

  • GRID-TLSE: A Web Site for Experimenting with Sparse Direct Solvers on a Computational Grid, 25-27 February, 2004,
  • note = Conference: SIAM conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, San Francisco, (USA)

C. Hamerling and M. Pantel

  • Poster on the {Grid-TLSE} {P}roject, August 2004,
  • note = IFIP{\bf W}orld{\bf C}omputer{\bf C}ongress, Toulouse (France)

A. Hurault and M. Pantel and F. Desprez

  • Recherche de services en algèbre linéaire sur une grille, 5-8 April, 2005,
  • note = {R}encontres {F}rancophones en {P}arallélisme, {A}rchitecture, {S}ystème et {C}omposant (RenPar'16), Croisic, (France)

M. Pantel and C. Puglisi and P. Amestoy

  • Grille, composants et calcul scientifique, 5-8 April, 2005,
  • note = {R}encontres {F}rancophones en {P}arallélisme, {A}rchitecture, {S}ystème et {C}omposant (RenPar'16), Croisic, (France)

M. Pantel and M. Buvry and C. Hamerling and C. Puglisi

  • Grid-TLSE} project: Meta-data for matrices, computers and solvers, 18-22 October, 2004,
  • note = 3rd International Workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications (PMAA'04), CIRM, Marseille, (France)

M. Pantel and C. Puglisi and P. Amestoy