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RSS feed access

The Special:Recentchanges page and the RSS feed are only available to logged in users. This is a issue with regard to people who want to read this feed using a RSS aggregator. Anyway, 2 solutions a proposed to bypass this:

= 1st solution : use an RSS reader that is built into your web browser

  • Safari
  • the Sage extension for Firefox)
  • ...

2nd solution : use wget to retrieve the page in a cron job

  • find your cookies.txt file (usually $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/randomstring/cookies.txt)
  • use
wget --load-cookies $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/randomstring/cookies.txt -O grid5000.rss
  • if it doesn't work, run wget with --debug, and check that it properly send the cookies.

NB: Be very careful if you try to edit the cookies.txt file : wget will silently forget some cookies if you mess with cookies.txt. NB2: the cookies.txt file can be moved between systems (ie you can generate it on your desktop and run the cron job on a server)