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Current events

Forthcoming events

November 2006: PlugTest 2006

GRIDS@work: CoreGRID Conference, Grid Plugtests and Contest will take place in ETSI Headquarters, Sophia-Antipolis from November, 27th to December, 1st.

December 2006: Toward Grid'5000 - DAS-3 interconnection

December 4th 2006: Grid'5000 - DAS-3 interconnection workshop will take place at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.


January 2007: EGO-2006

The Operational Grids winter School will take place in Rouen (France) in January 2007. Grid'5000 will provide the grid platform and the assistance staff during the event.

Past events

Paristic 2006

November 2006: Paristic 2006

The 2006's edition of Parsitic was hosted at LORIA in Nancy, from November 22th to 24th.

SuperComputing 2006

November 2006: SC'06

SuperComputing 2006 took place in Tampa, Florida (USA) from November 11th to 17th.

PlugTest 2006

October 2006: Journées Grid'5000 à Lille

October 30th and 31th, Grid'5000 Lille site's days will take place in USTL campus, Villeneuve d'Ascq. Project/platform presentations and tutorials will be proposed.


October 2006: Grid eXplorer days

October 12th and 13th, IDRIS, Orsay. Grid eXplorer users will present their lastest research results obtained with the Grid eXplorer platform.

I-Explosion Project

August-September 2006: Grid@5000@Titech

After Franck Cappello's visit to Tokyo Institute of Technology, Grid'5000 was presented during the I-Explosion project workshop.

June 2006: Grid'5000 Workshop

The event will take place in Paris (France) in conjunction with HPDC'2006.

More information at IEEE HPDC'2006

March 2006: Grid'5000 Spring School

The event took place in Grenoble (France) between March 6th and March 10th 2006.

More information on Grid5000:School2006

December 2005: ANR projects & Grid'5000

December 10th, 2005: Three of the accepted ANR projects (CIGC call) will use Grid'5000 as their research infrastructure.

December 2005: Grid'5000 helped solving the 'flow-shop scheduling' problem

December 9th, 2005: The Dolphin Team From LIFL and INRIA Futurs solved (exact solution) the flow-shop scheduling problem for the instance of 50 Jobs on 20 machines. More than 800 CPUs of Grid'5000 were used for solving this problem out of a total of 1200 CPUs. More details on the Flow-shop contest page.

November 2005: Grid'5000 @ Paristic

Grid'5000 was presented at Paristic conference. The event took place in Bordeaux (France) between November 21th and November 23th 2005

SuperComputing 2005

November 2005: Grid'5000 @ SC2005

Grid'5000 was exposed at SuperComputing 2005 conference. The conference took place in Seattle Washington State Convention Centre, between November 14th and November 18th 2005, booth #1122.

November 2005: Grid'5000 @ Grid'2005

Grid'5000 was presented at Grid'2005 workshop. The workshop took place in Seattle Washington State Convention Centre, between November 13th and November 14th 2005, boot

October 2005: 2nd PlugTest

Grid'5000 provided one of the core grid platforms used by the 2nd PlugTest experiments between October 10th and October 14th 2005.

October 2005: Inauguration Toulouse

Toulouse Grid'5000 platform launch gate on October 13th 2005.

September 2005: Inauguration Sophia

Sophia Grid'5000 platform launch gate on September 30th 2005.