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Global access

Grid'5000 provides 2 national access machines.

  • access.grid5000.fr is an alias for
  • access-north.grid5000.fr or access-south.grid5000.fr
With: SSH protocol

publickey authentication only


All Grid'5000 users



Site's local accesses

A user located in one of the Grid'5000 sites may use a local access machine to connect to Grid'5000, from the intranet networks of the laboratories of the site (see the table below for details).

Using the local access of a site is of special interest to reduce the latency or increase the bandwidth compared to using the national access machines. Furthermore, connecting to a local access opens a shell on the site's frontend directly.

Rules for SSH on local access
Site Firewalled ? Server Name Allowed Authentication Authorized networks
Grenoble Check.png access.grenoble.grid5000.fr aka
g5k.u-ga.fr aka
publickey authentication only
Réseau batiment IMAG
Réseau Université Grenoble-Alpes
Lille Check.png access.lille.grid5000.fr aka
access-g5k.lille.inria.fr aka
publickey authentication only
Luxembourg - - - - -
Lyon Check.png access.lyon.grid5000.fr aka
grid5000.ens-lyon.fr aka
publickey authentication only FR-ENS-LYON
Nancy Check.png access.nancy.grid5000.fr aka
grid5000.loria.fr aka
publickey authentication only FR-LORIA
Inria LHS
Nantes - The local contacts may have an access via an internal network - - -
Rennes Check.png access.rennes.grid5000.fr aka
grid5000.irisa.fr aka
publickey authentication only FR-IRISA-RENNES
Sophia Check.png access.sophia.grid5000.fr aka
sophia.grid5000.inria.fr aka
publickey authentication only FR-INRIA-SOPHIA-B

Please contact support-staff@grid5000.fr if you think the IP network of your research laboratory should be added to the authorized networks of a site access.