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Execo offers a Python API to manage processes execution. It is well suited for quick and easy creation of reproducible experiments on distributed hosts. It is a huge improvement over using shell script for experiment development.

You can have a look at the following presentation:


It offers:

  • Asynchronous control of local and remote commands.
  • Efficient and scalable execution (transparent usage of TakTuk).
  • Interaction with Grid'5000 resources (planning, submission, deployment, API).
  • Tools for rapid development of reproducible experiments.



Connect on a frontend and use easy_install:

Terminal.png frontend:
easy_install --user execo

Optionaly create a file name .execo.conf.py in your home directory if you need some specific configuration


Process management

To learn how to manage local and ssh process, have a look at Process examples

Working with G5K

To know how to interact with Grid'5000 infrastrucure (jobs, deployment, planning, API), see the execo g5k section of the user guide.

Automating experiments

Execo offers an engine that allows to automatize experiments. An example measuring TCP congestion on Grid'5000 can be found here


A complete user guide is available here. You may also want to have a look at API reference. A grid5000 tutorial is available: Execo Practical Session