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  • Take the time to report bugs that you may encounter on the platform each time it happens and seems relevant enough. This is a really good way to help improving the platform quality.
  • Finding workarounds yourself leads to reinventing the wheel, so we would prefer you ask for support, report bug or even submit patch to the staff as it will for sure help the community.

Support requests and bug reports

Please check for known issues

Before reporting a problem, it is useful to check for already known issues in:

  • the FAQ
  • the events database (maybe there's a maintenance event)
  • the previous emails on the users mailing list, for platform incident or other users difficulties

Additionally, you might want to try to check the bugzilla database, especially for software bugs as well as broken service, etc.

Contact information

Send an email to to describe the issue.

The Grid'5000 administrators team will shortly respond, and either:

  • give you some clues for solving the problem
  • notify you that the problem is now fixed, in case it was possible to handle it quickly
  • or give you a bugzilla ticket ID, so that you can follow the process.

In your report, please include the following information (if relevant) to make your request as useful as possible:

  • Use a meaningful subject in your mail/bug report.
  • Give a summary of your problem, do not just paste commands and commands output (but paste them though!).
  • Include the names of the sites involved.
  • Include the names of the nodes involved.
  • Include date and time (somebody could use that to search the logs).
  • Include OAR job id if relevant.
  • Include the exact commands you typed.
  • Include the exact output of the commands you typed.
  • Explain exactly what "does not work". Explain what you expect to happen.
  • Give some possible causes (what have you changed recently?) if you have any guess.
  • In general, give as much information as possible. If we have to complete those information, it will be a loss of time.

You may also have a look at the web page "How to Report Bugs Effectively" that is also a good help about writing useful bug reports.

Requests for enhancements and new features and/or tools

Grid'5000 may obviously lack some features you would need, so you may have personal requests as a user of Grid'5000.

To let us know, please use the above "bug reporting procedure", just replacing any mention to a "bug" by the enhancement keyword (or bugzilla component, see below).

Using Grid'5000's Bugzilla

Please prefer sending an email to to raise your request, unless you are sure that the new bugzilla entry will be fully relevant. Furthermore, sending an email to is far more visible and helps creating Grid'5000 users' community. One technical staff member may then reply or fill in a relevant Bugzilla entry for you, provided you effectively followed the above procedures.

Anyway, if you are sure of what you're doing, your direct usage of Bugzilla could speed up things and help the technical community...

How do I log in ?

To log in, use your Grid5000 LDAP login name and password. (You don't have to create an account)

Which component should I use when reporting bugs ?

See the full list of components, with their default assignees.

You may find it difficult to determine whether a bug should go to a software component (e.g. Kadeploy) or to a site component (e.g. Site - Grenoble).

  • If the bug seems to be caused by the application itself (e.g. happens on many sites), use the software component.
  • If the bug seems to be caused by the way the application is configured on a site, use the site component.

If you are unsure, use the Other component.

How do I request the creation of another component ?

Contact one of the bugzilla admins, for example by filing a bug against the Websites component ;)

How do I easily find the bugs I'm supposed to be interested in ?

You can register your favorite searches. Also, bugzilla provides a Side Bar for Mozilla.


Click here to access Grid'5000's Bugzilla