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Matthieu Dorier (users, user, rennes, ml-users user)
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  • MapReduce experiments (Application) [achieved]
    Description: To evaluate the benefits of using BlobSeer as the storage backend for MapReduce applications we used Hadoop - Yahoo!'s implementation of the MapReduce framework. We substituted the original data storage layer of Hadoop, the \emph{Hadoop Distributed File System - HDFS} with our BlobSeer-based file system - BSFS. To measure the impact of our approach, we performed experiments both with synthetic microbenchmarks and real MapReduce applications. The microbenchmarks are tests that directly access the storage layer, by using the file system interface it provides, while real MapReduce applications access the storage layer through the MapReduce framework.
    Results: The results showed that BSFS is capable to deliver a higher throughput than HDFS, and to sustain it when the number of clients significantly increases.
  • Hidding the I/O jitter of HPC applications (Networking) [in progress]
    Description: HPC applications currently suffer from a high variability when entering in I/O phases. The experiments conducted aim at showing the influence of several parameters on this variability and to find new I/O approach to overcome this situation. Experiments are done with OrangeFS as parallel filesystem, the IOR benchmark and CM1, a real case application in climate. The new approach, called Damaris, aims at leveraging multicore architecture to hide the I/O jitter by dedicating one core to I/O. Thus, multicore architecture are preferable for these experiments (more than 8 cores/node), together with high performance networks.



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