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Yanik Martial Ngoko (users, user, grenoble user)
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  • Parallel matrix multiplication on clusters (Application) [in progress]
    Description: I use Grid5000 for developing adaptive and parallel numerical algorithms on clusters. I am interested by a poly-algorithm for the parallel matrix product which will combine many well known algorithm like those used in the ScaLAPACK library
  • Parallel algorithm portfolio (Programming) [achieved]
    Description: I am interested in the construction of general techniques for automatic selection or combination of algorithms. This study is particulary important on hard computational problems where the behaviour of available existing algorithms may change depending on problem instances. In a such context, given any algorithm, one can generally select a subset of instances in which its behaviour is worse than those of any other ones. For tackling this problem I use an approach based on concurrent execution of algorithms solving the Same problem. Here all algorithms are executed in parallel on each instance and are stopped as soon as one algorithm finds a solution. I evaluate the portfolio approach in the case of the Satisfiabiliy prpblems using nodes on grid 5000
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