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  • Open Contest of Parallel Programming (SBAC-PAD'07) (Programming) [in progress]
    Description: The traveling salesman problem (TSP) is a classical problem of combinatorial optimization, with many applications. The Wikipedia states it as follows: Given a number m of cities and the costs C_ij of travelling from any city i to any other city j, what is the cheapest round-trip route that visits each city exactly once and then returns to the starting city? (TSP at Wikipedia ). Applications include many transportation and logistics problems, for example the definition of bus lines, the drilling of printed circuits boards, the assignment of routes for planes, the scheduling of jobs on a single machine, etc. The SBAC-PAD'07 conference os organizing the 1st Open Contest of Parallel Programming, whcich consists in providing a parallel, distributed version, of a solution to the symmetric TSP problem (for all pair i,j, C_ij = C_ji ). As input, the program must read a file in the TSPLIB format (see TSPLib 95 and some examples in National Traveling Salesman Problems ) as the only argument in the command-line. As output, the program should return the lowest possible cost of a round-trip. The parallel programs, provided by the competitors to the organizing commitee, will then be run on a cluster of the Grid5000, on some given input, and classified according to the following criteria: * the cost of the smallest round-trip should be correct, * the smaller the run-time, the better.
    Results: The Open Contest aims at attracting users to Parallel Programming.
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