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  • Solving dynamic optimization problems with swarm intelligence on grid computing (Other) [achieved]
    Description: A Dynamic Vehicle routing Problem (DVRP) is solved with Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) paradigm. This paradigm has been widely used to solve continuous dynamic optimization problems, whereas, few works were proposed for combinatorial ones. The effectiveness of this approach is evaluated using a well-know set of benchmarks. It is compared with different population based metaheuristics, and a single-solution based metaheuristic. The accuracy of the obtained solutions is calculated based on the best known solutions in the static context. Experimental results show that our approach, may significantly decrease travel times, and it is adaptive with respect to dynamic environment.
    Results: Our approach outperform many metaheuristics on a well-know benchmarks of DVRP.



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    • New best results on Kilby's benchmark for the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem

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