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  • SCT based parallel distributed EM simulation (Application) [achieved]
    Description: Parallelization of an electromagnetic (EM) simulation based on the Scale Changing Technique (SCT) used in several applications (e.g. EM modeling of relectarrays controlled by RF MEMS). A part of the sequential code was subdivided on partially individual independant tasks that were distributed (in parallel) on different processors of GRID'5000 nodes. In order to accelerate the computation,this work used the grid as mutiple machines interconnected. The following step is to create an adapted sheduler.
  • YATPAC (TLM based EM modeling package) parametric simulation (Application) [achieved]
    Description: Yet Another simulation PACkage (YATPAC) was installed on GRID'5000 nodes and used to accelerate the simulation of a MEMS Phase-Shifter and show the limitations of the use of one PC. This method can be used for another applications in electromagnetics (EM). The different configurations of the circuit have been tested. A future application is being developped to test more than 512 nodes. The parallelization of these simulations will be the next step.
  • MEG PROJECT (Application) [in progress]
    Description: The project aims to make the study about the scalability opportunities between the electromagnetic applications and your execution in grid platforms.
    More information here
  • Deployment and Management of Large Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) Simulations on Grids (Middleware) [achieved]
    Description: Deployment and management of an electromagnetic simulator on a computer grid, by using the TUNe autonomic middleware, with failure repair mechanisms tests.
    Results: the electromagnetic simulator was easily managed with TUNe. This middleware has simplified the deployment and undeployment of the electomagnetic package for electrical engineers. It has also increased the robustness of the application execution by automatically restarting parts of the simulation that failed and redeploying them on new nodes.
  • Scale Changing Technique Electromagnetic simulations in Grid Environment (Application) [achieved]
    Description: Running electromagnetic simulations based on the Scale Changing Technique on Grid'5000 by using the TUNe (Toulouse university Network) autonomic middleware and DIET (Distributed Interactive Engineering Toolbox).
    Results: The Master-Worker paradigm (also known as task farming) is well adapted to the modeling method. With the GUI of TUNe, the exepriments could be launched easier.
  • Speeding Up Electromagnetic simulations (Application) [achieved]
    Description: emGine Environment, a rigorous 3-D full-wave electromagnetic simulator in timedomain (based on TLM modeling method), has been adapted to launch distributed simulations on Grid'5000 nodes by using TUNe (Toulouse University Network). User can have a LAN/Remote/Internet connection to emCluster™ conveniently from the emGine GUI.
    Results: Speed up of design, optimizations and generations – Large parametric studies possible – Fast optimizations
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