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An uniform way to name the machines and services of a site.

Naming differs between the inside of Grid'5000 and the outside of Grid'5000 as explained on the security policy.


Internal naming

In this zone are referenced the services which are global, unique across the platform. They are defined in the DNS as follows:

service        IN CNAME

And in the site zone, where the service is hosted:

service-global IN A     IP


$ host    CNAME      A

Note: helpdesk actually hosts a web proxy of each of the web servers, so that the information can be accessed from outside of Grid'5000 internal network (e.g. Internet).
  • api: a proxy to access the Grid5000 APIs from the Internet. Is physically hosted on the machine that hosts the helpdesk vhost.

Following names are available for the 9 site-specific zones.

Primary names


  • The primary name of cluster's node number X must be in the form of cluster-X
  • cluster must be part of the value list of cluster OAR property and X is free of leading-zero
  • Each node has a specific name for each of its IP network interface in the form of cluster-X-iface
  • The iface part of the name is the one returned by ifconfig, for instance eth0, eth1 or myri0
  • For the management card : cluster-X-bmc

Note: the cluster-X-eth0 name is actually an alias to cluster-X when eth0 is the primary interface.


The name of the frontends must refer to the name of the cluster which they have been shipped with.

Note: no strict rule for the naming of the frontends as thanks to the aliases, it does not impact users much.


  • Switches or switch stacks must be named: they can be addressed by users with the OAR properties.
  • Their name must refer to the cluster they are part of, if they are connected to a single cluster, and to the interconnect type if it is something else than Ethernet.

Note: no strict rule for naming switches because it does not impact users much


  • gateway to access whole Grid'5000 network



  • the default machine of the zone that points toward the main login frontend
  • frontend: the main login frontend machine
  • frontale: the kept-for-compatibility name that points to the main login frontend machine

Warning: the frontale name is now deprecated and will be removed soon


  • nfs
  • ntp
  • ldap
  • mysql
  • ganglia
  • dhcp: the DHCP server
  • mail: mail serveur which can send mail to external mx
  • munin: the Munin webserver
  • nagios: the Nagios monitoring system
  • dns: the DNS server
  • www: the Web server
  • proxy: the Web proxy server
  • oar-server: the Almighty server
  • adminfront: physical server used as the admin frontend
  • virtual: subif of adminfront for routing test purpose
  • home-g5k: Home directories management server
  • kadeploy-server: Kadeploy3 daemon server
  • syslog: Syslog server
  • api-server: Server hosting the REST APIs of Grid5000
  • api-proxy: Server hosting the services that enable authentication, caching and proxying of the Grid5000 APIs

Note: in case of several machines holding the same service, all frontends must respond to service's alias with priority depending request's location

External naming

This is about the machines and services visible from the Internet.

Accessing sites

Following names are available for the 9 sites:

  • the external access of Site
  • the kept-for-compatibility external access name of Site

Warning: the acces name is now deprecated and will be removed soon

Note: the name is not used for the external naming to avoid confusion with the internal naming (not necessary the same machine)


  • www: the web site
  • jabber: the chat server
  • conference.jabber: for the chat rooms of the chat server
  • lists: the mailing list manager
  • helpdesk: the proxy toward the internal monitoring web servers
  • intranet: the proxy toward the internal monitoring web servers
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