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Refer to DNS server section to see how to configure your DNS server.

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This naming machines convention is deprecated. Now refer to Naming machines.



In this document,

  • site: will refer the name of a site (ex: lyon, grenoble, ...)
  • interface: will be a letter begining from a
  • numero: will be a number begining from 1.

In any case, if several machines have the same role, the standard name must be affected to the main one and the others get an indexed name. For instance for the machines providing the NTP service:

  1. ntp = ntp1
  2. ntp2
  3. ntp3
  4. ...

The following part presents the internal and external naming for Grid'5000 machines. Please refer to the Security policy for discussion about Grid'5000 internal and external network.

Grid'5000 Naming

Grid'5000 machines all belong to the domain. However, only the machines that have to be accessed from the internet have their names publicly defined in the internet DNS. The cluster nodes for instance may just have a hostname defined in a private domain.

This means there are 2 domains:

  • the public one, maintained at Idris (Orsay), that is propagated over the internet DNS;
  • the internal one, maintained locally for each site subdomain and at Orsay for the main branch, that is bounded to the Grid'5000 network.

Internal Naming

Local domain name servers are running inside Grid'5000, to provide names to the Grid'5000 nodes. These DNS are not connected to the internet public DNS. These machines names are however replicated on every Grid'5000 sites, so that they are known on any machine of the network. The main branch is maintained at Orsay.

User frontends



login frontend (main SSH server) and possibly compilation (may be aliased to
job submission (main OAR client)
home directory synchronisation (main NFS client)

Note: in general, it is recommended to reserve and use a compute node to perform compilations.



Mandatory in any case:


And in case several network interfaces are available, one may add:




Service Hostname
Nagios (obsolete ?)
OAR server (Almighty)
Web proxy
Web server
Kadeploy server
Virtual IP addresses routable between sites


External Naming

From the internet point of view the visible machines are few:

  • Grid'5000 local external access for each site: which may be aliased to
  • Grid'5000 common public web site:
  • Grid'5000 common technical helpdesk: which include a proxy toward internal helpdesks and monitoring web servers (monika, gantt...)
  • Grid'5000 common mailing list sympa manager:
  • Grid'5000 common chat server: and

Example: -> ->
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