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Managing your user account properties.



What Grid'5000 site am I attached to?

ldapsearch -x -LLL uid=login dn | cut -d ',' -f 3 | cut -d '=' -f 2

Note: if previous command-line returns o=guest your account is attached to Rennes.

What does my LDAP entry look like?

ldapsearch -x -LLL uid=login

How to display my home directory quota status?


Note: if this command-line returns command not found, it means your home directory is free from any quota restriction.

The global status of NFS storage on all sites is here


How to change my password?

You can change your password on this page. All sites will be updated immediately.

If you forgot your old password, send an email to the staff of your home Grid'5000 site to generate a new one (do not forget to give your login!), and then change it as soon as possible on the dedicated page.

How to change my email address

You can change your email address on this page.

How to change quota, etc?

There is no automatic way to update the attributes of your account, like your telephone number, your home directory quota, etc.

Please follow this procedure to request an attribute update:

  1. Open your favorite mail editor and start writing a new mail
  2. Write as subject: Request for changing my attribute
  3. Write as mail content your Grid'5000 login and the desired new attribute value
  4. Send this email to the staff of your home Grid'5000 site:


What is the account termination process?

  1. An email is automatically sent to you and your manager few days before your account reaches its expiration date
  2. Reminders are sent until any decision is made
  3. You ask to the staff of your home Grid'5000 site for extra time or for account deletion
Warning.png Warning

When the expiration date is over, your user account is automatically locked but you can still access the wiki.

What to do when my account is locked?

  1. Search your mailbox for any message from the staff of your home Grid'5000 site
  2. If you do not find any relevant message about the locking of your account, send a mail to your staff
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