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To delete when Fedora4all-core4-x86 64 will become deprecated. As for now, please use TGZ-G5K

Insip4all is a little framework, which intends to make an installed 4all environement as site-neutral as possible. It makes insipid the systems.


The cleaning problem

Systems becomes site-specific after being deployed.

Deployment effect

When you install an environment on Grid'5000, resulting system becomes site-specific because of:

  • Environment's postinstall run
  • Configuration generated by DHCP client

For example, after the deployment by kadeploy of a debian4all environment, these files are site specific:


What to clean

Insip4all makes the system neutral by:

  • Replacing specific files by their neutral version:
echo 'localhost.localdomain' > /etc/hostname
  • Removing others specific files, whose corresponding neutral version does not exist:
rm -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*
  • Executing commands to clean some databases:
  • Adding files required for next deployment:
touch /fastboot

How it works

insip4all is only a pool of distribution dedicated scripts and neutral configuration.

Guess distribution

First step, insipid guess distribution that runs on.

if [ -f /etc/debian_version ]; then
elif [ -f /etc/fedora-release ]; then

Neutral files

Then, it copies neutral version of configuration files available for all distribution or for the current one.

# neutral distribution specific files
# neutral generic files (eg. shared among all distributions)
cp ${CP_OPTS} ${INSIPID_DIR}/generic/* /

Script execution

At last, to address special hints like cleaning some databases, insip4all runs a distribution-specific script and a generic cleaning script after that.

# distribution specific cleaning process
# cleaning process common to every distribution


Retrieve it

insip4all is installed on recent 4all images in:


You can also retrieve it from SVN repository at InriaGforge:

svn checkout svn://

Use it

It is very easy to use it:

cd insip4all/

It will automatically guess your distribution, as explained above.

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