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GridPrems is a collaborative machines reservation tool, used at Rennes to share compute nodes between users for Grid experiments. It is installed at this location:

My first reservation

This tutorial is a step by step guide on how to make a reservation.

GridPrems Login

Log on Gridprems (either the main site or the mirror). Use your Grid'5000 credentials as your login and password.

Selecting your favorite machines

After logging on for the first time, you must choose your favorite machines (note that you can revise this choice at any time). We recommend that you choose the machines you'll use often, so that the calendar display doesn't get too cluttered. When your selection is made, validate your choice by clicking on the "Save selection" button.

You can change your favorites machines selection at any time by selecting in the main menu "Option" then "My machines".

Displaying the calendar

The calendar is accessed by the "Calendar" option in the main menu. The calendar displays current, past and future reservations for your favorite machines.

Creating a new reservation

The form for creating a new reservation is acessed by the "New" item of the "Reservations" menu. The main fields you have to fill out are:

  • Date and time for the beginning and the end of the reservation
  • The type and count of repeats (optional)
  • A description (it show other users what you are doing on the machine, and helps us get meaningful statistics)
  • Priority type (Non exclusive, exclusive, or tag)

The priority type determines how much you are willing to share the machine with other users. Exclusive reservations deny the machines to other users during your reservation. These reservations should be kept as short at possible and used only for experiments that need a fully predictible cluster (e.g. : benchmarks).

Non exclusive reservations keep machines available for other users (in non exclusive mode), and therefore allow several users to share some machines. This type of reservation is the most commonly used for setting up grid computing experiments (eg: debugging, testing programes). Tag reservations do not actually grant the right to log on the machines, they are used to give information: for example to set a preliminary reservation before a demo, or to notify other users of a significant configuration change (eg: machine booted on a SSI kernel, CPU on fire...)

Once these 4 criteria typed, you a to choose the machines to use. You can do this using 3 different ways:

  • Type desired machine number, do « Search » button search: GridPrems will search for available machines and will output you its choice
  • Type desired machine number, do a « I am feeling lucky » button search: GridPrems will search for available machines and will automatically create corresponding submission if there is enough machines
  • Manually choose machines with « Manual Selection » button

Automatic search algorithm works this way:

  • Take all your favorite machines
  • If you select a criterium (ie. myrinet), remove machines that do not match it
  • Remove all the machines which are exclusively reserved during wanted period
  • If your reservation is exclusive, remove all the machines that are non-exclusively reserved during wanted period
  • If you want contiguous machines, remove machine's groups that are smaller than wanted size
  • Choose the less used machines during reservation period


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