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This page describes the environment Debian4RMS, which has neccesary software for the installation, configuration and administration of a cluster or a grid. We can use this image to deploy and manage our own cluster or grid inside Grid5000.

Identification sheet


  • Based on: Debian version testing/unstable for pure 64 bits
  • Reference file: /home/grenoble/ygeorgiou/Images/debian4RMS.tgz at Orsay (md5sum is 46a56ea0847ae383c7aa74ffba44a561)
  • Valid on: HP DL145G2, IBM e325

Kernel version 2.6.12-1 from Debian for x86_64


  • Remote console: on ttyS0 at 38400 bps
  • Services: ldap:no, nfs:no
  • Accounts: root:grid5000, g5k:grid5000


  • ssh has X11 forwarding enabled
  • Text Editors:echo, sed, vi, vim
  • OAR batch scheduler ([1])
  • Torque resource manager 2.0 ([2])
  • Maui Cluster Scheduler ([3])
  • Cigri software ([4])


  • source-list configured for all grid5000 sites


The construction of the Debian4RMS environment was based on the already existing simple debian environment debian4all. Hence for its construction we simply deployed the image debian4all on a node on one of Grid5000 clusters (Orsay) where we installed all the necessary software.

The software for cluster or grid management and administration are usually composed by different packages according to the roles that the machines can take on the cluster (server, client). Since, in our case, we use the same image for all the machines and we give their roles (client or server) after the deployment, by launching the appropriate services; we have installed all the necessary packages (client packages, server packages, ...) for a cluster on the same image.

We installed the following software for cluster or grid administration:

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