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This page describes the 5.0.1 version of the production environment based on Lenny version of Debian distribution for x86_64 machines. It intends to explain how this environment was built and how to use it with Kadeploy.


Identification sheet


  • Based on: Debian version lenny for amd64
  • Reference file: /grid5000/images/debian-x64-5.0.1-prod.tgz at ' (md5sum is )
  • Valid on: all Grid5000

Kernel version 2.6.26-2-amd64 from Debian for x86_64


  • Remote console: enabled
  • Services: ldap:yes, nfs:yes
  • Accounts: 'deploy with -k'




see the Environment Management page to see the building process of the environment, you can checkout debian-x64-prod-5.0.1 tag.

Git logs

this is the raw git log, as it can be seen in the git repository.

a48808e [scripts] adding a config file to ssh.
f23404b [g5k-checks] add http cache mecanism
afb5754 [packages] Add libssl-dev package, fixes #44
e0a3ac5 [scripts] typo in
e242395 [scripts] upgrading to rubygems 1.3.7
65c1609 [nvidia] corrected a minor bug in the PWD provided to make
8b17301 [scripts] Fix chef version and correct dependencies
3fa356c [scripts] Use new Grid'5000 gems repository
85548b6 Correct upload http UTL on git server
0314481 [mx] adding a /etc/mx.conf in order to avoid modifications on the init.d script
f728de0 [scripts] Fix chef version and correct dependencies
d4d2eac [scripts] Use new Grid'5000 gems repository
d28e98f Correct upload http UTL on git server
2354171 [g5kcode] Initial commit of cookbook
d01c3ea [mx][ofed] added cases in ip_over_ib and mx_over_ib templates for bordeaux and grenoble
e77f71f [nvidia] added cuda toolkit and upgraded to devdriver 256.40
2cb9554 [prod-grenoble] adding nvidia recipe
871dfd8 [git-repo] adding vim .swp exception in .gitignore
57296b2 [nvidia] Added udev rules/scripts to create /dev entries upon module loading
4b3c905 [kernel] added real_release (the one we installed) and path attributes
11ded7e [scripts] corrected a typo in printed messages
4399478 [nvidia] Adding new recipe that compiles and install nvidia drivers for cuda/OpenCL
53e1f4f [ofed] update the initramfs once modules have been compiled
466073e [g5kchecks] new recette
4f74ef1 [sophia] add g5kchecks to json file
e84af15 [lyon] add g5kchecks to json file
486e430 [grenoble] add g5kchecks to json file
f230f04 [bordeaux] add g5kchecks to json file
2686efc [lille] edit json file to include g5kchecks
52271f9 [rennes] adding g5kchecks - removing g5k-parts
c214cd1 [orsay] including g5kchecks - excluding g5kparts
0f134b2 [Chef] Use cookbook_file instead of the deprecated remote_file for files located into the cookbooks
d91cd60 [nancy] prod-nancy.json to include g5kchecks and exclude g5kparts
db16d94 [nancy] production environment with g5kchecks
040c284 [setup] fstab - fix template position
8336a2b [prod-nancy.json] g5kparts
0de3ad9 [git-repo] cleaning .*~ files and added match in .gitignore
3eaec99 [fstab] Create the /softs directory in prod environment in lille to match /etc/fstab


this sections intend to highlight the various points you should know about this images, please consider checking out the Chef repository for more accurate and complete informations.


moving from the old g5kparts to g5kchecks in production environments


we are putting the nvidia recipe in the environment of grenoble. the nvidia recipes installs both the cudatoolkit and the devdriver, currently version 256.40.

we install everything "by hand" since running the installer doesn't work non interactively and complains that there's no nvidia card detected when we generate on another machine.
we extract both NVIDIA .run packages and run the various makefiles, we then proceed to copy the needed binaries/libs in the standard /usr/bin /lib64/ directories.

if you still need access to files we may have omitted or don't find, the packages can be found in /usr/local/src/
it's important that you report any issues with this installation process (missing files, wrong configuration options, etc ...)

Upgrade your custom environment

with chef

you can upgrade your environment directly to 5.0.1 running chef (as root) with the following command:

chef-solo -r -j -c /root/solo.rb

Chef will most of the time create a backup of the files it modifies, but be aware this will re-setup everything as if it were starting from scratch, you may want to download the .json and remove certain recipes from running (because the env you are running from, diverts from 5.0.0 on this particular recipe and you wish to keep your setup)



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