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This page describes the 5.0.0 version of the production environment based on Lenny version of Debian distribution for x86_64 machines. It intends to explain how this environment was built and how to use it with Kadeploy.


Identification sheet


  • Based on: Debian version lenny for amd64
  • Reference file: /grid5000/images/debian-x64-5.0.0-prod.tgz at ' (md5sum is )
  • Valid on: all Grid5000

Kernel version 2.6.26-2-amd64 from Debian for x86_64


  • Remote console: enabled
  • Services: ldap:yes, nfs:yes
  • Accounts: 'deploy with -k'




see the Environment Management page to see the building process of the environment, you can checkout debian-x64-prod-5.0.0 tag.

Git logs

this is the raw git log, as it can be seen in the git repository.

f331ec5 [g5k-checks] recipes
0a14efb [prod-nancy] add g5k-checks
6f0ef02 [prod-nancy] add g5k-checks
5451552 [packages] Remove avahi-daemon package
5b06d63 [setup/locale] Installs locale en_US-UTF8
8ceeacd [Rakefile] use API 2.0 instead of sid version
fc724fd [prod] Use API 2.0 instead of sid
815212b [openipmi] removes memory-manager => solves segfaults with openib interfaces
37c214a [envs] Add Prod for Bordeaux Lille Luxembourg Lyon and Toulouse, modify grenoble
bf1783f [oar] Add OAR keys for Bordeaux Lille Lyon Nancy and Toulouse
9c74545 [envs] prod : Add in json description for rennes, recipes removed for test
22f0e45 [Rakefile] Remove gem budle in setup task
8c179ee [Rakefile] Add envs:push and scripts:push dependencies to envs:generate
3e0b5a9 [scripts] Download evironment description
b11851f [setup] Add field in kaenv.dsc
48473ec [envs] Add description fields
a70c466 [drivers] Correct Logger for netxtreme2 recipe
47be90a Add stress package in packages cookbook
30c8d4f Correct production environment description file for nancy
bb8eae6 Add stderr in log file when generate production environment
01be8db [Rakefile] Correct paths in envs generation task
ae11423 [openmpi] Changed version of source archive to apply a patch
24e1bcb [Rakefile] Move Rakefile at TOPDIR and implement task envs:generate
4b3d055 [envs] correct rennes prod env
5d172f3 [package] Add r-base package
69be3d5 [setup] add generation scripts, and environment notion
2edf876 [packages] Added package ia32-libs, see bug#2917
fd2c493 [setup] Separate udev configuration from misc reciepe
3f7e2dd [setup] Add nscd configuration
d103119 [packages] Add psmisc package
2b230ec [Rakefile] Add drivers cookbook
6053dd8 [oar,setup] Correct ulimit bug (bug#2779)
b495d77 ajout des cles oar de grenoble. NT.
321bd97 [setup] Set localtime to Europe/Paris
4e4bd9d Merge branch master of ssh://
219ded0 [g5kparts] Switched to version 1.0.1 to correct a bug with NFS checks
8d2e73c [setup] a generic motd
b8fade4 [drivers] Add drivers cookbook for Netxtreme II support (cluster suno)
d0d520c [setup] Remove some others udev permissions
a2848cf [myrinet] Change default installation path
138ce10 [g5kparts] Updated to use version 1.0
222d296 [oar] Adapted /etc/default/oar-node configuration file for g5k-parts 1.0 requirements
9a024dc [myrinet] Corrected a small typo in the filename of ifup script
72f1b2d [oar] Added fixed OAR SSH host keys
2990c09 Merge branch master of ssh://
d8c8f48 [myrinet] Added a case statement in template to manage different netmasks between sites
88dca5c [Rakefile] correct task push_bootstrap
0d63a5e [myrinet] Add package syslinux for command gethostip
657defe [openmpi] Implement openmpi cookbook
794fbe7 [packages] remove lam and mpich
90ca6fa Add logs
66de384 [oar] set version 2.4 by default, add logs
19829f4 [myrinet] rewrite myrinet cookbook
73437fc [ofed] rewrite ofed cookbook
6134b28 [packages] Add mysql-client, libjson-perl and libjson-xs-perl
274ed51 [kernel] Change kernel for suno cluster
986293a [oar] Added ssh related files for Orsay
fc7b843 Change root password, add apt proxy, add hearders for ofed
2f43fed [misc] Correct problem with ulimit and memlock value
864be93 [kernel] Changes to support suno cluster
383e193 [oar] Add sophia configuration
bf652ce [ganglia] Bug fix
99bfc25 Implement OAR 2.4 installation
2bfcf50 Add g5kparts
eacc0ba Infiniband devices permissions
ec94cf5 A lot of improvement... ;-)
c4a1df8 Add sensors for temperature management
a96b7fd Install nex version of oar 2.2.16
a69137d Add packages
96aec68 Fixe problem with sun and non-interactiv licence agreement
c90390e Remove ssh_host_key
df814d4 Restart nscd
6380186 Upgrade package debian-archive-keyring
d942437 Correct some development packages and add a hack for java licence agreement
568bf86 Add packages needed for production environment
89c72e0 Add ganglia cookbook into the bootstrap archive
0cab8b3 Fix an attribute problem in setup cookbook
66fea39 Add support of oar 2.4
bd08f83 Add ganglia cookbook
5489ab3 Configure pam
68bedab Add author comment into openib script
f0788d4 Add ldap and fstab to setup cookbook
31a00dc Implement ldap authentification
e71412a Implement fstab configuration
93f5e3b Implement oar client installation
45d96c3 Initial commit of chef-node-bootstrap


this sections intend to highlight the various points you should know about this images, please consider checking out the Chef repository for more accurate and complete informations.


we are compiling openmpi without the memory manager, this causes a segfault when no myrinet card is present as of openmpi 1.4.1. this has been reported to the openmpi team and will be included in the 1.4.3 release. please check this thread on the openmpi mailing list for further details

commit 815212b

udev rules

some udev rules applies group/users permissions on devices, some of these groups are not created on the system. this is a problem because at boot the system fallbacks on ldap to find those group/users, which isn't reachable because udev starts way before the network.

we choose to remove these group/owner specifications from the rules to solve the problem.

commit fd2c493


we set the max open files to 8192 and max locked memory to unlimited.

commit 6053dd8 and 2f43fed

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