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Specific link betwee DAS-3 and Grid'5000 was shut down in march 2010: Information in this page is for reference only



The goal of this page is to share information about the DAS-3/Grid'5000 interconnection.

The goal of this interconnection to explore the opportunities and to identify the problems of the interoperation of the Dutch DAS3 and the French Grid'5000 grids for research in resource management, middleware, and applications in large-scale, heterogeneous grids.

A mailing-list has been setup about this interconnection: das3@lists.grid5000.fr If you want to check archives of this mailing-list, please go here.

Current targeted architecture

DAS-3 is made of 5 sites: VU, UvA, LA, TUD and UvA-NM (more information: here).

The current targeted architecture is quite simple: a 10Gb/s link, provided by GEANT2, will interconnect a router from Renater in Paris (interxion1 to which Grid'5000 is connected) with a SURFnet router in Amsterdam (located at SARA, to which DAS-3 site of UvA is connected). The connectivity with other sites of DAS-3 (LA, TUD, VU) will be provided through the use of the StarPlane project (photonic network of SURFnet).

  • Our DAS-3 contact on the technical sides are: Kees Verstoep, JP Velders (for StarPlane) and to some extend Paulo Anita (Delft site of DAS-3).
  • Our SURFnet contact on the technical sides is: Wouter Huismann

Note that users will have to get separate accounts of both platforms to use them. For DAS-3, check here to get an account.

For more information about the Grid'5000 network configuration:


DAS-3 should be configured to use and therefore will appear as a new Grid'5000 site.

DAS-3/Grid'5000 related meeting

  • 21 november 2006: initial presentation of DAS-3/Grid'5000 interconnection during CT-30 (nodes)
  • 4th december 2006: first DAS-3/Grid'5000 workshop (program, slides and notes)
  • 7th december 2006: Grid'5000/Renater meeting (notes)


To follow discussions see the mailing-list das3@lists.grid5000.fr: http://lists.grid5000.fr/wws/info/das3

Maintainer Task Progress Deadline Status
Pierre N Management: setup of a DAS-3/Grid'5000 mailing-list 100% ct36
Mathieu J Technical: check the status of StarPlane 100% ct36
Mathieu J Technical: give appropriate information to DAS-3 100% ct36
Aurélien C Technical: update G5K network description for DAS-3 100% ct37
Aurélien C & Mathieu J & Pierre N Test: preliminary test of the link 50% not-fixed
Mathieu J Meeting: setup of a 2nd DAS-3/Grid'5000 workshop 0% not-fixed

Question to DAS-3

  • Status of StarPlane? How to use it and configure it for Grid'5000 connectivity?

-> StarPlane is not working currently (June 2007). We will use a few nodes from UvA first to test the interconnection.


Current experiments

So far, here is what have been tested. Between the fs2 cluster of DAS-3 (aka DAS-3/UvA) pings are possible with Rennes (in both side). To reproduce you need to have an account on both testbeds (Grid'5000 and DAS-3). Then you can connect on: fs2.das3.science.uva.nl. For getting a node on this cluster, you should the default ethernet environment:

[mjan@fs2 ~]$ module add default-ethernet

Then you can use qrsh command to connect to one of the node.

[mjan@fs2 ~]$ qrsh

Then you can ping a node in Rennes (paravent-47)

[mjan@node203 ~]$ ping

From Rennes, you can ping nodes in the following range: UvA fs2.das3.science.uva.nl: node201/ - node240/

Note, for now the routing has only been setup on DAS-3/UvA cluster.

Experiments have been performed between 1 node at Rennes and 1 at UvA, leading the a bandwidth of 1Gb/s (host at Rennes are connected at 1Gb/s to the 10Gb/s router). For an unknown reason, preliminary experiments using 10 nodes on each side were not able to go above this 1Gb/s result. More experiments should be performed soon (work in progress).

Grid'5000 / DAS3 interconnection

Grid'5000 / DAS3 interconnection
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