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Monitoring the energy consumption through the API is possible in Grid5000, for a growing number of sites.

Details on energy monitoring feature, with per-site availability and implementation description on the Special Features.

Energy Consumption in Metrology API

For sites where energy monitoring is available, collected information is exported to Metrology API under a metric called "pdu" (or "pdu_shared" on Rennes site).

To get more information on how Metrology API can be used, read API_Metrology_Practical and Metrology API Documentation documents.


Here is an example to display the energy consumption of an Edel cluster node in Grenoble:

  • Reserve an edel node
oarsub -I -p 'cluster="edel"'
  • Go to API metrics and select the 'pdu' metric. In Jobs field, enter grenoble:job_number@60 and submit.
  • The power consumption is printed on pdu graph
  • You can use stress command on the node and see how consumption evolves.
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