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    • Efficient support for MPI-IO atomicity based on versioning [2011] (international)
      EntryType: inproceedings
      Hal_id: inria-00565358
      Author: Tran, Viet-Trung and Nicolae, Bogdan and Antoniu, Gabriel and Bougé, Luc
      Abstract: {W}e consider the challenge of building data management systems that meet an important requirement of today's data-intensive {HPC} applications: to provide a high {I}/{O} throughput while supporting highly concurrent data accesses. {I}n this context, many applications rely on {MPI}-{IO} and require atomic, non-contiguous {I}/{O} operations that concurrently access shared data. {I}n most existing implementations the atomicity requirement is often implemented through locking-based schemes, which have proven inefficient, especially for non-contiguous {I}/{O}. {W}e claim that using a versioning-enabled storage backend has the potential to avoid expensive synchronization as exhibited by locking-based schemes, which is much more efficient. {W}e describe a prototype implementation on top of {ROMIO} along this idea, and report on promising experimental results with standard {MPI}-{IO} benchmarks specifically designed to evaluate the performance of non-contiguous, overlapped {I}/{O} accesses under {MPI} atomicity guarantees.
      Keywords: large scale; storage; {MPI}-{IO} atomicity; non-contiguous {I}/{O}; versioning;
      Language: {A}nglais
      Affiliation: {K}er{D}ata - {INRIA} - {IRISA} - {INRIA} - {CNRS} : {UMR}6074 - {\'E}cole normale sup{\'e}rieure de {C}achan - {ENS} {C}achan - {I}nstitut {N}ational des {S}ciences {A}ppliqu{\'e}es de {R}ennes - {U}niversit{\'e} de {R}ennes {I}
      Booktitle: 11th {IEEE}/{ACM} {I}nternational {S}ymposium on {C}luster, {C}loud, and {G}rid {C}omputing ({CCG}rid 2011)
      Publisher: {IEEE} {CS} {P}ress
      Address: {N}ewport {B}each, {CA} {\'E}tats-{U}nis
      Note: {T}o appear. {A} preliminary version was published as {INRIA} {R}esearch {R}eport {RR}-7487
      Audience: internationale
    • Towards A Grid File System Based On A Large-Scale BLOB Management Service [2009] (international)
      EntryType: inproceedings
      Address: Delft Pays-Bas
      Author: Tran, Viet-Trung and Antoniu, Gabriel and Nicolae, Bogdan and Bougé, Luc
      Booktitle: CoreGRID ERCIM Working Group Workshop on Grids, P2P and Service computing


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