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Mark Stillwell (users, user, guest, ml-users user)
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  • Dynamic Fractional Resource Scheduling (Other) [achieved]
    Description: The purpose of this experiment is to run simulation experiments in order to evaluate heuristics algorithms for a novel approach to sharing distributed computing platforms. They key feature of this approach is that it leverages existing virtual machine technology in order to share resources in a precise and controlled manner that optimizes both performance and fairness. We are considering a number of fast scheduling algorithms. We hope that our results will demonstrate that virtualization technology coupled with lightweight scheduling strategies enable dramatic improvements for scheduling workloads on distributed computing platforms.
  • Dynamic Fractional Resource Scheduling Implementation Evaluation (Other) [in progress]
    Description: The purpose of this experiment is to evaluate a practical implementation of Dynamic Fractional Resource Scheduling. This is done by using kadeploy to distribute images containing Linux, Xen and Usher to the nodes. One node will act as a file server/controller and make resource allocation decisions.
  • Xen Co-Scheduling Evaluation (Operating System) [in progress]
    Description: Evaluation of CPU-scheduler plugins for Xen to improve the performance of communicating parallel applications under time-sharing.



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