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User information

Lucas Schnorr (users, user, grenoble, g5kschool, ml-users, digitalis user)
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  • Tracing applications developed with KAAPI (Application) [achieved]
    Description: The objective is to trace applications developed with KAAPI. This also involves the synchronization of the events generated in the different machines of the grid. For now, we are using the libRastro package in order to obtain synchronization info from the nodes. The traces are being generated with the KAAPI instrumented version, which can be set up from the configure.
    Results: 1/ rastro_timesync (the program used to obtain synchronized info) is not scalable when the nodes involved are from two clusters. From nodes inside a cluster, its execution time is reasonable.
  • Generating a resource description file of the Grid (Other) [achieved]
    Description: The objective is to generate a resource description file of the Grid, using taktuk to distribute the commands and OAR to obtain the resources available. The resource description can be either a hierarchical organization of the Grid or a graph showing network interconnection or any other possible interconnection within the grid.
    More information here
  • Obtaining the monitoring data collected by Ganglia (Other) [achieved]
    Description: The main objective of this work is collected monitoring data in order to feed the new visualization techniques we are developing. As expected results, we intend to show new ways of visualization the state of Grid5000, from the site level to the machine and CPU.



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