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  • Networking performance evaluation of a Xen-based virtual router for HIPerNET (Networking) [achieved]
    Description: This experiment was performed in the context of the ANR HIPCAL project. In this experience, the network performance in terms of throughput, latency and the associated CPU overhead on Xen 3.1 virtual machines have been evaluated in different situations in order to analyse the performance of a virtual router. The different test scenarios have been packet sending, receiving and forwarding on a set of concurrent virtual machines (from 1 to 8 virtual machines running in the same physical machine). The tests have been performed in the Xen default configuration and with different configurations of the Xen Credit-CPU-scheduler. The experience involved from 1 to 17 physical nodes.
    Results: Network performance improved significantly from Xen 3.1 version to Xen 3.2 version. In 3.1 the bandwidth and CPU sharing was unfair between concurrent virtual machines receiving TCP flows. In Xen 3.2, this problem does not persist. The overall throughput improved for sending and receiving, reaching classical linux performance. Forwarding on virtual routers gives slightly lower performance. TCP forwarding on virtual machines gives only about 80% of the throughput on classical linux with Xen 3.2. Major overheads are a very huge CPU cost in dom0 during network communications and additional packet copy due to virtualization.
  • Virtual Network Control (Networking) [in progress]
    Description: This experiment was performed in the context of the ANR HIPCAL project. Its goal is to evaluate rate control mechanisms on virtual links to provide strong isolation between virtual networks, especially in HIPerNET. Traffic is limited on virtual end-hosts and directed over virtual routers which perform rate control.
    Results: The results show that this model allows to give users minimum bandwidth guarantees and provides performance isolation in terms of networking.



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