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  • ANR LEGO applications (Networking) [achieved]
    Description: Test of the applications of the ANR project LEGO on top of mpich and mpich-mad
    Results: - success of running LEGO's Fortran applications on top of mpich and mpich-mad
  • NewMadeleine (Networking) [planned]
    Description: NewMadeleine is a low-level communication engine for high speed networks. NewMadeleine features a programmable packet scheduler that can use a wide range of 'just-in-time' optimization strategies which can be directly combined with any network protocol supported by NewMadeleine. It has already been implemented over GM/Myrinet, MX/Myrinet, Elan/Quadrics, Ibverbs/Infiniband, SiSCI/SCI and TCP/Ethernet. We are using the ressources from Grid'5000 to fully test NewMadeleine.
  • Mad-MPI (Middleware) [achieved]
    Description: Mad-MPI is a new light implementation of the MPI standard. This simple, straightforward proof-of-concept implementation is a subset of the MPI API, that allows MPI applications to benefit from the NewMadeleine communication engine. Mad-MPI is based on the point-to-point nonblocking posting (isend, irecv) and completion (wait, test) operations of MPI, these four operations being directly mapped to the equivalent operations of NewMadeleine.
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