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User information

Brice Goglin (users, user, lyon, ml-users user)
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  • Installation of the MX driver (Networking) [achieved]
    Description: Initial installation of the MX driver on the Myrinet cluster in Lyon, and technical support for the system administrator during the installation of the MX driver of the Myrinet cluster in Bordeaux.
  • Non-Uniform Input/Output Access (Networking) [achieved]
    Description: Experiments on the Borderline cluster in Bordeaux to study the impact of the locality of the high-speed network interface with respect to CPU and memory in modern NUMA and multicore machines.
    Results: Design of an adaptive multirail implementation that splits messages across multiple NICs depending on their distance from the communicating process, and depending on the current communication operation pattern. Design of collective algorithms that take NIC locality into account within hierarchical operation on multicore clusters, so as to choose local leader processes near their local NICs.



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