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User information

Yves Caniou (users, user, account-manager, lyon, ml-users user)
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  • batch management in the DIET middleware (Middleware) [planned]
    Description: Experiences will consist of deploying numerous batch system. Then, we will use the goDIET deployement tool to map DIET components on the built platform. Several sets of experience will take place to render: - the prediction performance tool incorporated in DIET servers - the possibility for a DIET server to communicate with numerous batch schedulers - the scheduling results concerning the gain of setting dynamically and transparently for the user, the number of resources a parallel task takes.



    Success stories and benefits from Grid'5000

    • Overall benefits
    • The availibity of several machines on which we can simulate different organisations, each having its installation of a batch scheduler. The fact that an experiment can be reproduced is of extreme interest in order to test in real scale scheduling algorithms.

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