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  • Finding Load Balancing Algorithm That fits best to a running application (Other) [in progress]
    Description: Since associating a load balancing algorithm to a running application is a difficult task and depends, partially, on the size and the execution environment of the application, we are implementing a mechanism that allows us to change load balancing algorithm during runtime and choose the best one for the rest of the computation. In order to evaluate and improove our implementation we need to run tests on the grid with different applications varying the number of processors and each application size.
  • EPSN (Middleware) [in progress]
    Description: EPSN : a Computational Steering Environment for Distributed Numerical Simulations. Our purpose is to analyze, to design and to develop a software environment for steering distributed numerical simulations by the visualization. This software environment should combine the facilities of virtual reality with the capabilities of existing high performance simulations. The simple integration of an existing simulation should allow the end user to visualize the evolutions and interact with the numerical scheme considering the intermediate results. In this context, the use of GRID5000 allows us to perform large-scale experiments between a computational cluster (GRID5000 sites) and a graphic cluster (a Bordeaux satellite cluster).
    Results: We have validated our steering approach with a particle-based simulation in astrophysics called Gadget2. The simulation has been run on 60 computational nodes and the visualization on 4 graphics nodes. This experiment has demonstrated the interest of parallel visualization techniques to reduce the overhead for large-scale simulations.
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